The Bachelor Student Organization manages Bachelor student life on campus, including events, sports, student trips, job fairs, social events, and so on. The student elected board of this organization is called the L’ORE.

The word “lore” refers to a body of traditions and knowledge held by a particular group—in this case our Bachelor students—that is typically spread by word of mouth. The choice of this concept to represent the Bachelor students was quite intentional. The purpose of the organization is to build long-lasting traditions within the Bachelor Program and allow its students to leave their unique mark at École Polytechnique.

More than just enhancing Bachelor students’ life, the L’ORE is here to help them build recognition and visibility on campus.  It will serve as a bedrock do develop continuing, shared traditions with other programs at l’X.


The L’ORE also manages the creation of student committees designed by and for Bachelor students, in order to create a diverse, dynamic and inclusive student life that fits in with their tight schedule and workload. Through a partnership with the Student Council (KES), the main student association on campus, the L’ORE allows students to benefit from existing campus facilities and participate in the majority of student societies (Binets).

The KES is the living heart of student life at l’X and students are traditionally expected to contribute to it. For Bachelor students, the contribution is fixed at €192 per year (or €16 per month over twelve months), and includes a donation to both the KES and the L’ORE. This contribution is not mandatory.

Bachelor students cohesion

Computer Science Committee

Mathematics committee

Physics Committee

TEDX committee