Designed for executives and managers with an average of 18 years of professional experience, the Executive Master is a degree program of École polytechnique  which aims to develop leaders to design, deploy and manage projects with a strong focus on innovation and technology, in an international perspective, and for organizations from any sector.

The program consists of 12 modules of 4-5 days that span over 14 months to let you follow the classes while working full time.

Technology, management, innovation
France, Europe, Asia, United States
Senior executives across all industries
18 years of professional experience
12 modules, 1 week per month
14 months

Accelerate your career

École Polytechnique’s Executive Master is designed for leaders, with an average of 18 years of professional experience, allowing them to develop their abilities to design, deploy and manage projects with a strong focus on innovation, transformation and technology, in an international perspective, and for organizations from any sector.

Live an international experience

The international dimension begins as soon as you arrive on Polytechnique campus, joining students, research professors and companies from all over the world. Executive Master’s international modules also take place in partner institutions such as TUM in Munich, SMU in Singapore and Berkeley in the USA.

Boost your leadership skills

Courses in management and coaching are an opportunity for upgrading the foundational project management skills, change management development, negotiation, communication or the marketing of innovation.

The Executive Master Experience

In this video, our Alumnus share their experiences and reasons for choosing this program.

A unique symbiosis between science, technology and management

Unlike a traditional EMBA, beyond the core management and personal development courses offered in this program, the specificity of the Executive Master lies in the "State of the Art" modules. These courses are provided by the highest level research- professors internationally, in order to allow participants to have the direct access to cutting-edge research in a number of fields such as Data Science, IoT, new energies, artificial intelligence (AI), biomedical engineering, blockchain

The Executive Master is a unique degree offering participants:

  • Scientific courses with researchers from the École Polytechnique and its partners

  • Conference and forums with guests, case studies and expertise from professionals

  • Site visits: École Polytechnique laboratories, partner universities, incubators, etc

  • Coaching in personal and professional development
  • A Team Project to put in practice the lessons through a project relevant to you

Information Session


Our next presentation webinar of the Executive Master will be held on Tuesday June 20, 2023 at 12 a.m. You can subscribe by clicking on the "Join us" link. This event will be an opportunity for you to interact with our admissions team, ask your questions and discuss your project.


Discover the new episode of the Curious Company podcast

Cécile Chamaret, academic director, highlights the academic dimension and the challenges of the Executive Master in this interview.

To have an overview of the Executive Master content, click on "Listen to the podcast"


Marie Le Pargneux

"My objective in participating in the Executive Master was, above all, to better understand the technologies that are disrupting our world in order to make a greater impact in assisting in the transformation of my company. I never imagined the evolution that would take place, going from a leading bank group to a startup in cybersecurity. The job change would never have been possible without this program. Not only is it comprehensive and transformative, it also provided me with unique opportunities to meet outstanding people."


Chief Development Officer - TEHTRIS

Abdul Malik

"I joined the École Polytechnique Executive Master because I strongly believe the energy world and the new technology world are going to be closely intertwined. The Executive Master allowed me give me the answers that I am looking for to be able to better develop the synergies that are required in the energy and the new technology sectors."


Director, TOTAL Group's general interest project Industreet


École Polytechnique Ecosystem

École Polytechnique is a top French engineering school which is competitive on a national and international scale.

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Best French university in Science and Technology (l’Étudiant)            

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World's best small universities (Times Higher Education)                 

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Institution educating most important CEOs in the world (Times Higher Education + Fortune magazine)                            

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Worldwide among higher education institutions in terms of the number of Nobel Prize winners among its graduates (Nature)