The “SOTA (State of the Art) Report” is an individual work each Executive Master participant must realize during the program. It is part of the evaluation process to get the degree.

The objective of this work is to produce an up-to-date synthesis on a technical subject. Participants make a “deep dive” on a scientific or technological subject and explore the corresponding frontiers of knowledge: which issues is R&D currently addressing? What is the future potential of current research? What are the key references for the topic selected? Etc. The document has to be quite short and readable by non-experts.

Over the years, many of these outputs have proven to be both intellectually very stimulating and practically very useful to accelerate the structuration of innovation processes. Hence many readers suggested that we make them available to a larger audience.

So you will find on this site a selection of SOTA Reports for which the authors – now our Executive Master alumni – gave us their authorization to publish and share.

We hope you will enjoy exploring this “treasure”. Do not hesitate to send us some feedbacks or get in touch directly with the authors. 


AI - Artificial Intelligence


Data Industry



IT - Information Technology

New Materials

Quantum Technology