The goal of the MSc&T student board is to give to current students the best experience they could hope for from their journey at École Polytechnique, through the organization of many events and activities on campus.

The first MSc&T student board was created in 2019. Its ex-President, Sylvain Daou, said a few words about its creation:

“The idea of creating a formal student association came to me from a simple observation: while engineering students had their ancestral Kès, and Bachelor students had just come up with their L’ORE, we, MSc&T students, still lacked a formal student representation. Previous attempts didn’t go until the end, which meant it was hard for everyone (the administration, other student associations, and MSc&T students themselves) to have an identifiable interlocutor when it came to student life.

A first team composed of a President, a treasurer, a communication representative, an integration representative, as well as a sport representative and an event representative had been elected in early 2019. Though the roles have since been modified to better distribute tasks, this team was the core of what would become the first MSc&T student association. Granting it a legal status (through a lengthy procedure at the prefecture), a bank account and partnership with the other associations on campus was not easy, and would have not been possible without the readiness of the Kès and the L’ORE as well as the hard work of all our student association’s team!”