To obtain Ecole Polytechnique Bachelor's degree, our students need to complete 3 years of studies, corresponding to 180 ECTS.
The curriculum is divided in a first year of core scientific studies and two years of specialization.

First Year - Common Core

The first year of studies focuses on the acquisition of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for the rest of the students' academic career.  They have Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics and Physics classes, with several scientific options offered to help them make the right choice for their double major.

Choice of Double Major

For their second and third years, students choose between three double majors. For each double major, they have the opportunity to pursue a minor - provided the Academic Council considers they are up to the task.

1. Double Major in Mathematics and Computer Science

This double major provides a scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. This track offers students the opportunity to study the theory, experimentation and engineering that form the basis of the design and use of today’s computers. They may choose to do a Minor in Biology or Chemistry.

2. Double Major in Mathematics and Economics

This double major offers a scientific approach to economics. It relies on the construction, analysis, and interpretation of abstract models as well as on the confrontation of theoretical conclusions with empirical data coming from the field or from controlled experiments. Students may choose to do a minor in Computational Mathematics.

3. Double Major in Mathematics and Physics

The students who choose the double major in Mathematics and Physics are taken on a journey through the concepts that have shaped our modern vision of the world. Thanks to a close coordination with the mathematics course, students are able to immediately apply their freshly acquired mathematical skills to physics. They may choose to do a minor in Biology or Chemistry.