On-campus housing

Due to the growing number of students and a limited number of rooms available for the moment, Ecole Polytechnique cannot guarantee on-campus accommodation offers to all Master of Science and Technology students. Even if the enrollment form -with the on-campus housing box ticked- has been filled out on time. It is highly recommended to look for nearby off-campus housing options. See information below.

If you wish to be accommodated on campus you will have to make your request in the enrollment form (home page) and the MSc&T team will  inform you if you have obtained on campus accommodation or if you are on the waiting list. Newcomers (=students arriving on the French territory for the first time) will be prioritised.

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Students can be housed in some of Ecole Polytechnique’s on-campus residences.

  1. All apartments have an individual shower room and toilet. Only the kitchen can be shared.
  2. The rent will be between 495€ and 574€ per month including charges (water, electricity, heating, wifi and housing insurance). Rent is revised every year on January 1st following the communication of the national rent revision index.
  3. The apartments are subsidized and entitles students to ALS depending on their individual situation.
  4. A deposit of 300€ is required and cashed and will be paid back in full or in part according to damage within 1 to 2 months after leaving the accommodation.
  5. Students accommodated on campus don’t need to purchase housing insurance or energy provider as water, electricity, heating, wifi and housing insurance are included in the rent ! and furniture as 1 bed  (90 X190cm), 1 big cupboard, 1 shelf, 1 working desk. Sheets and blankets are not included.

Please note that:

  1. all accommodations are eligible for housing assistance from the "CAF"
  2. students are entitled to respect their lease agreement for all the duration of the academic year

If you have been placed on the waiting list, then it is highly recommended to look for nearby off-campus housing options.

  1. You can choose between a student residence (https://www.adele.org/residence/ville/massy-palaiseau/logement-etudiant - https://logement.campus-paris-saclay.fr/ - https://www.nexity-studea.com/en/student-housing/palaiseau)
  2. or a private apartment that you can occupy alone, or share with friends, other students or local residents (www.seloger.com - www.leboncoin.fr - www.pap.fr - www.loueragile.fr - www.bienici.com)

*These sites are open to everyone and transactions are made directly between owners and tenants, the offers appear on them are not filtered and there is therefore a risk of scam.

Be vigilant : an offer that is too good to be true should arouse your suspicions. NEVER pay any fees BEFORE visiting the accommodation and signing a rental contract!

Off-campus housing options

Several housing options are available off-campus

Campus Paris Saclay Housing

Offering housing directly available on the campus of Paris Saclay, this platform will help you find yours. Various options and configurations are available.
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Near Campus

We gathered several housing possibilities to help you in your search.
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