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Due to the growing number of students and a limited number of rooms available for the moment, École Polytechnique cannot guarantee on-campus accommodation offers to all Master of Science and Technology students. Even if the enrollment form -with the on-campus housing box ticked- has been filled out on time. It is highly recommended to look for nearby off-campus housing options. See information below.

Students can be housed in some of École Polytechnique’s on-campus residences.

All rooms are equipped with an adjoining personal bathroom.

Please note that you do not need a French guarantor to rent a room.

The rent is around €600 per month.

Students are also required to pay a €300 security deposit upon arrival / when receiving their room keys.

Please note that:

  • all accommodations are eligible for housing assistance from the "CAF"
  • students are entitled to respect their lease agreement for all the duration of the academic year