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Credits or ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

We expect exchange students to register for a minimum of 20 ECTS credits. The learning agreement must include between 20-30 ECTS per period and a maximum of 60 ECTS for a full academic year.
Classes in languages; humanities and social sciences; and management, innovation and entrepreneurship are open to exchange students and may award credits or ECTS.
Credits are awarded to students on the condition that they attend class regularly and successfully pass the set exams.
Requests for official transcripts of academic records may be made at the end of the exchange period. The official transcripts are sent by email to students and their exchange coordinators on demand.

Grading system

École Polytechnique uses a literal grading system.
Grades are awarded according to the degree of fulfilment of the expectations we place on our students, which are matched to the high level of selection they have gone through to be admitted at Ecole polytechnique.

For further information on the grading system at undergraduate level, please consult the Bachelor Transcript Guide

For further information on the grading system at graduate level, click on the following link to find the document for the Ingénieur polytechnicien Program and Master of Science and Technology