Program Overview

This program is a double degree offered jointly by Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris, combining over two years the academic expertise of the best engineering school in France and the best business school in France.

The program offers you a perfect balance of theory and practice. Elective courses, Certificates and numerous academic opportunities throughout the program allow you to customize the curriculum to your needs and aspirations

Master's Degree
2 Years
Taught in English
In France
140 ECTS
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Year 1: €23,735 at l'X
Picto-PROGRAM-carte bleue
Year 2: €26,050 euros for X students at HEC
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Year 2: €39,700 euros for external international students at HEC

Program Structure

The first year takes place at École Polytechnique, with a strong focus on scientific and mathematic topics. The second year is spent at HEC Paris, and uses learning-by-doing methods to help students enhance their financial knowledge.

Students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the field and gain a wide range of valuable skills through:

  • Study Trip
  • Internships
  • 9 Certificates
  • Career Fairs + Job Market Workshops
  • Strong collaborations with world-class partners in industry or academy


The First year of the program at Ecole Polytechnique, offers students a complete training on data science, during this period you will study probability, statistics, regression, classification, and more specialized modules like optimization, machine learning or deep learning.
The latest, with a practical training on programming languages like "Python" and "R" .

You will also delve in Financial Markets and numerical processing of Financial Data.

Our students


During your second year, you will join the Master in Finance program at HEC, which has been at the top of the world rankings by the Financial Times for over a decade now. After a generalist first semester, where we will train you on the full spectrum of fields in Finance, both Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, you will join during the second semester an elective concentration dedicated to Data and Finance, with courses covering new frontiers such as Blockchain technology, Algorithms and AI applied to Finance, as well as Technology Regulation in the Financial Sector.

Career Prospects

Data Science For Finance

The key of the teaching in this MSc&T is to provide students with the tools needed to solve real problems, using structured and unstructured data masses, teaching them to ask the ‘right’ questions (both from statistics, ‘business’ and finance perspectives) and to use the appropriate mathematical and IT tools as well as methodology to answer these questions.

During these two years, you will benefit from École Polytechnique and HEC’s network of industrial, research and institutional partners. Upon graduation, you will have access to employment opportunities at top firms in a wide range of sectors:

  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Markets
  • Consulting
  • Data Science
  • General Management
  • Business Development