All students selected to take part in the Research Program will receive a financial support from École Polytechnique, through the International Affairs Office (DRI) and/or through one of the institution's laboratories.

A monthly stipend ranging from €550 to €750 will be provided to cover accommodation, meals and personal expenses (the amount will be defined according to different factors including the cost of living in the student's home country). This stipend includes health coverage. For some countries, the roundtrip airfare may be covered by the Program in the form of a flat amount.

If the student already benefits from a grant, the financial support proposed through this Program may supplement said grant.

Information about the general cost of living is available here.

Students admitted into the Program will receive assistance from the DRI to obtain when required a visa and residency permit (carte de séjour), and to reserve on-campus housing within the limits of the student dorm rooms reserved for the Program.

Please note that students coming from the following universities might, under some conditions, benefit from Erasmus + KA 171 credits:

  • Israel (HUJI, Technion)
  • Japan (University of Tokyo
  • Chile (Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)