Both General and Specialized Studies

General Studies

General studies are offered during the first two years of the program, where students acquire a solid scientific foundation in six subjects out of the eight offered by the Academic Departments: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mechanics, Economics and Computer Science.

This multidisciplinary education is in large part what gives École Polytechnique alumni their high potential for evolution in their careers. It prepares them to implement soft skills during their careers, and to hold various managerial positions. Ingénieur Polytechnicien students are therefore well suited to advance towards high-level positions in management and coordination.

Specialized Studies

Specialized studies are offered during the third and fourth years of the program. In Year 3, the students may choose a subject or theme from among 14 different specialization programs. For Year 4, students may choose from the following options:

- Training offered by a government administrative body or organization,
- Specialized studies at a partner engineering institution
- A master's program in France or abroad
- Doctoral research (PhD)

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