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Please note this list is indicative of the structure of the degree and may be subject to change.

Based on your academic profile, you can submit your application either for Year 1 or Year 2.

Year 1 (70 ECTS)

First period (Mid-September to Mid-December)

Two Refresher Courses
MAP538 Refresher in Applied Maths
INF538 Refresher in Computer Science

One mandatory scientific course to choose among: 4 ECTS
INF554 Machine and Deep learning
MAP553 Foundations of Machine Learning

Three elective scientific courses to choose among: 3 x 4 ECTS

INF555 Constraint-based Modeling and Algorithms for Decision Making
INF573 Image analysis and Computer Vision
INF574 Digital representation and analysis of shapes
MAP555 Signal processing INF554 or MAP553 (if not chosen before)

One management course to choose among: 4 ECTS

MIE555 Fundamentals of Strategy and Innovation
MIE556 Introduction to Marketing and Strategy

Second period (January to March)

Four elective scientific courses to choose among: 4 x 4 ECTS

With at least one of these following courses:
MAP566 Statistics in action
MAP569 Regression and classification
INF581 Advanced Machine Learning and Autonomous Agents
INF584A Real-time AI in Video Games : decisive & collaborative actions

With at least one of these following courses:
INF562 Computational geometry
INF584 Image synthesis: Theory and practice
INF585 Computer animation

One management course to choose among: 4 ECTS

MIE565 Managing sustainable innovation
MIE568 Entrepreneurship for Sustainability

Transverse courses

Two modules of Humanities and French Culture (HFC) (1.5 ECTS per semester)
Sport activities: 2 ECTS
Language (French as a Foreign Language, or other): 3 ECTS

Third period (March to July/August)

16-week research or industrial internship (MAP/INF590) (22 ECTS)

Year 2 (70 ECTS)

Two Refresher Courses
MAP630  Refreshers in Statistics
INF630 Refresher in Computer Science

Period 1 - (Mid-September to Mid-December)

One long course: (5 ECTS)
MAP/INF631 Deep Learning

4 short courses (4x2 ECTS)
INF631 Analysis and Deep Learning on Geometric Data
INF632 Natural Language Processing
INF633 Advanced 3D Graphics
INF634 Computer Vision

Period 2 (January to March)

1 long course (5 ECTS)

MAP/INF641 Reinforcement Learning

4 short courses (4x2 ECTS)

INF641 Introduction to the verification of neural networks or INF657G Navigation for Autonomous systems
INF642 Socio-emotional embodied conversational agents
INF643 Soft robots: simulation, fabrication, and control
INF644 Virtual/Augmented Reality & 3D Interactions

Transverse courses (September-March)

MIE630 Seminar on ethical issues and novel applications of AI 3 ECTS
MAP/INF630 Case Studies in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Computing 3 ECTS

Language: 3 ECTS
Humanities: 3 ECTS
Sport activities: 2 ECTS

Internship: 30 ECTS