You will find below an average student's living expenses.
Please remember that each person has individual spending habits and that the amounts listed below might vary.

Estimated cost of living per year (all included: housing, food, phone plan, clothing, miscellaneous, etc.): around €12,000


The cost of meals is estimated from €250 to €350 per month. Students can find reasonably priced meals at Ecole Polytechnique's on-campus restaurant, the Magnan, open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



We guarantee housing for all of our new incoming Bachelor students. Students will be housed either in:

  • individual dorm rooms
  • shared appartments for 4 to 5 students

All apartments are furnished with a bed, a cupboard, a desk, a bathroom and one fridge per apartment. Students share a common kitchen, where they can cook and prepare their own food with others, or they can choose to eat at the campus cafeteria or restaurant. Rent is payable monthly and a deposit is required to be paid upon arrival to the dorm.

student in room

Students may be eligible for government-provided housing allowance. For more information, please visit the CAF and Campus France websites. Please note that the housing allowance is never available for the first month of your stay on campus, and it usually takes a few months for the first payment to be made.


The Student Life and Campus Improvement Fee (CVEC) is a mandatory annual student fee of €91 paid directly to the French government. The government uses the funds to improve campuses and to create a positive experience for students across the country.

Students usually need €150 to €300 per month for expenses such as transport, supplies, leisure and their cellphone plan.

The L'ORE is the board of Bachelor student associations. Its job involves managing every aspect of Bachelor student life on campus, including events, sports, orientation, student trips, social events, and so on. The L’ORE is here to help you figure out everything there is to know about campus and make sure that your student life is as exciting as you could have imagined. It also manages the creation of student committees designed for and by Bachelor students, in order to create a diverse, dynamic and inclusive student life that fits with your schedule and your workload! The annual subscription fee is €192.

Students usually spend around €12,000 per year for their living expenses overall and your budget should be based on this estimate.

Bachelor students walking