Meet Thomas Clausen and Olivier Blazy, Program Directors

Thomas Clausen

Thomas Heide Clausen

A graduate of Aalborg University, Denmark (M.Sc., PhD – civilingeniør, cand.polyt), Thomas has, since 2004 been on faculty at Ecole Polytechnique, France’s premiere technical and scientific university, where as a professor, he holds the Cisco endowed “Internet of Everything” academic chaire.

At Ecole Polytechnique, Thomas leads the computer networking research group. He has developed, and coordinates, the computer networking curriculum, and coordinates the M.Sc.T programme “IoT: Innovation and Management”. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed academic publications, and has authored and edited 24 IETF, Standards. Thomas has also consulted for the development of IEEE 802.11s, and has contributed the routing portions of the ITU-T G.9903 standard for G3-PLC networks – upon which, e.g., the current SmartGrid & ConnectedEnergy initiatives are built.

Thomas is a senior member of the IEEE, and was named an “IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Contributor”, as part of the 2021 inaugural class.

Olivier Blazy

Olivier Blazy

Former student in computer science at École Normale Supérieure (ENS) and holder of a doctoral thesis in Computer Science at University Paris-VII in 2012, Olivier was then a teacher at University of Limoges.
He then supervised for several years the oldest cryptography programme in France. He obtained his habilitation in 2019, and then joined Ecole Polytechnique in 2021.

At Ecole Polytechnique, he is one of the Computer Science Advisor for the Bachelor, and more recently of the MScT in Cybersecurity. Olivier is in charge of the national working group in Code and Cryptography, and is in the board of the GdR on Information Security (a community of more than 1.5k french researchers). He is involved in several research programs both at the national and european level around cryptography, digital identity, or privacy.
He is also one of the authors of several finalist in the NIST poqt-quantum standardisation competition.