Financial questions

You need to pay your tuition fees during the first term. More informations will be provided by the Finance department of École Polytechnique, once on campus.

Yes, you are required to pay a tuition fee deposit, more information on this page.

The school does not offer on-campus jobs.


Students attend classes Monday through Friday, with courses comprising both theoretical and practical sessions. The academic year consists of three terms: the first term runs from September to December, the second term from January to March, and the third term focuses on internships.

On this website. Click on "PROGRAMS" and select the program you want to know more about. For each program, you can look at the "Program structure", with details of each class.

Exams take place twice a year, in mid-December and mid-March.

Applications / admissions

Decisions will be released 4 to 6 weeks after each application deadline.

Please contact the Admissions Team.

We are not able to consider any prospective student for admission until an application and all required documents have been submitted. Please visit our page for a list of required documents.

Yes you can, but you must pay an application fee for each application submitted.

Kindly note that you may only apply for each program once per year. You can apply to several different programs, but you may not submit several applications for the same program.

You will have to pay an application fee to submit your application, more information on this page.

If you wish to pay the application fee via a bank transfer, please note that it has to be processed by the bank a few days before the admission deadline.

If the bank transfer is made by a third party (family member, company, etc.) please make sure to inform the Admissions Team via email.

No paper applications are required for the admission process. Only applications made online are considered.

Minimum: approx. 700 words

Please fill out the Personal Statement form (you will be able to download it on the Application Platform).

It is your responsibility to tell your referees about the deadline and make sure they fill out the form in time. Therefore we advise you to start your application by confirming your referees’ contact details.

Our office does not compile a general entering class profile. Please refer to the academic requirements for each program. We're looking for students with an excellent scientific background and highly-motivated.

The only tests we accept are the TOEFL, IELTS and the following Cambridge General English Tests: First (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE).

TOEFL IBT.................................................  90

IELTS........................................................  6.5

Cambridge Test - First (FCE)........ Grade B – 176

Yes (see conditions in the application file).

There is no required minimum level in French to be able to apply, but depending on your level (less than B2 according to the CEFRL), you will have to take French classes during the year.

Scores must not have been issued over two years prior to the start of the program.


On this website. Select the program you want to know more about.

On this website. Select the program you want to know more about.

No. MSc&T programs are not tailored to be fully taught online.

All of our MSc&T are full-time programs.

On this website and on the website of our partner institution, HEC.


85% of our Master student live on campus but we cannot guarantee on-campus housing for all Master students at this time. Even if you request on-campus housing on your enrollment form, it's advisable to explore off-campus options. If you opt for on-campus accommodation, you'll need to indicate this in your enrollment form.

Our MSc&T Team will inform you of your accommodation status or placement on the waiting list. Priority will be given to newcomers (students arriving in France for the first time) based on availability.

Monthly rent ranges from €495 to €574, including utilities (water, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi, and housing insurance). Rent is subject to annual review on January 1st following the national rent index.

Campus apartments are subsidized and may qualify students for APL depending on individual circumstances. Those residing on campus do not need to procure separate housing insurance or utilities, as they are covered in the rent.

A deposit of 300€ is required and cashed and will be paid back in full or in part according to damage within 1 to 2 months after leaving the accommodation.

All apartments have an individual shower room and toilet. Only the kitchen can be shared by 4 or 5 roommates.

Students accommodated on campus don’t need to purchase housing insurance or energy provider as water, electricity, heating, wifi and housing insurance are included in the rent!

Furniture as 1 bed  (90 X190cm), 1 big cupboard, 1 shelf, 1 working desk are also included. Sheets and blankets are not included.

Consult a physician or go to the Health Center on campus.

If you have been placed on the waiting list, then it is highly recommended to look for nearby off-campus housing options.
There are several housing options near the campus.

You can choose between a student residence:


Or a private apartment that you can occupy alone, or share with friends, other students or local residents:


*These sites are open to everyone and transactions are made directly between owners and tenants, the offers appear on them are not filtered and there is therefore a risk of scam.

Be vigilant : an offer that is too good to be true should arouse your suspicions.

NEVER pay any fees BEFORE visiting the accommodation and signing a rental contract!

Graduate Orientation

The MSc&T Admissions Office welcomes all of the new students during the orientation week at the start of each fall semester.

Campus Tour

To schedule a campus tour, please email us at with your name, preferred tour date, and the number of attendees. Visit our dedicated webpage for tour dates and availability.