About the Master of Science and Technology Programs

Ecole Polytechnique’s Master of Science and Technology Programs are two-year courses that provide you with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary education. The courses offer you in-depth scientific knowledge relevant to your career interest, whether it is new technologies, economics, data science or sustainable development.

These industry-oriented master's degrees also equip you with the practical skills and initial work experience necessary to hit the ground running in industry.

Our programs are designed for students who want to play a key role in leading technology and business organizations throughout the world. As such,only highly qualified undergraduate students with a solid background in science and/or engineering can enter these programs.

MSc&T students acquire well-balanced theoretical and practical knowledge. This is thanks to outstanding courses taught by Ecole Polytechnique’s world-class professors, associated research centers, national and international academic partners, and top industry professionals.

Master's Degree
10 different Programs
Start: September 2023
Two Years
Taught in English
In France
140 ECTS

These programs are the result of close collaborations between Ecole Polytechnique and world-class French and international institutions and companies. Please see details of each program for further information.

Ecole Polytechnique is also proud to announce that the Grade de Master accreditation has been renewed for our MSc&T program on September 2021

Close Industry Collaboration

Students in class

Now more than ever, employers value graduates who can bring real-world experience and perspectives to their organization. Our programs will:

  • Give you a broad understanding of business and industry
  • Allow you to kick-start your career by building your network
  • Enhance your practical and soft skills
  • Increase your marketability to potential employers

The Master of Science and Technology Programs were designed in close collaboration with industry and l’X alumni. They are strongly supported by an International Advisory Panel, comprising leading figures from the worlds of business, academia and government.

Each program includes field trips and conferences held by major representatives in industry. Students have the chance to get involved in individual and team projects in collaboration with our many industrial partners, addressing real issues from and for real clients. Both years include four to six-month work placements at companies in France or abroad.

Throughout the program, we offer careers advice and support, with CV writing workshops, information sessions on job search strategy, and networking events. On top of this, l’X hosts an annual job fair, the most prestigious one held by a French engineering school. You will also have access to our alumni directory and our job and internship database, to help you network and find opportunities with future employers.

High-Level Research and Innovation Management


Each Master of Science and Technology program will help you understand the frontiers of technology and teach you how to build bridges between research and the corporate world. You will learn to combine fundamental research, technological applications and developments, and innovation management.

While the MSc&T are mainly geared towards students who plan to enter industry immediately following graduation, it also meets the European prerequisites for admission into a PhD program.

Innovation Management

Ecole Polytechnique has developed an academic department entirely dedicated to Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. In 2015, l’X also established a center for innovation known as LA FIBRE ENTREPRENEUR Drahi X-Novation Center, which houses the institution’s start-up Incubator and Accelerator, a prototyping area, co-working spaces, and much more.

These outstanding facilities allow us to offer a curriculum that integrates science and engineering with leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and core management concepts. Throughout the first year you will be trained in topics like project management, marketing, business law, international law, cross-cultural management, intellectual property, innovation management, entrepreneurship, technology venture creation, to name a few.

L'X, A Leading Research Institute

Ecole Polytechnique has always integrated research into all its academic programs and in close consultation with industry (more info).

Our Research Center includes 23 excellent scientific departments in eight major fields addressing today’s most pressing social and technological challenges through interdisciplinary and cross-functional projects. Most of them are joint research units with the world-renowned French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Students' Testimonials

“The combination of science and management in this program will give you a whole new sight into the world of engineering and commerce! But it's not all science and math, the language and sport classes are also a great aspect of the curriculum!”

Benyamin Bidabad, student in the STEEM Master's

"Getting into and graduating from Ecole Polytechnique are never easy tasks. With Ecole Polytechnique on our CV, we have more chances to get an internship and get a job after graduation in France."

Zhiyuan Yao, student in the Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Master's

"The programs at L'X offer a range of career-boosting activities and workshops, elevating your experience as a student from a strict academic one to a true immersion in market and research environments".

Mauricio Lelis Viotti Cavalin, student in the Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Management Master's

“Employability at Polytechnique can be summed up in one sentence: It is employers that are looking for you and not the opposite.”

Louis Poinsignon, Student in the Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance Master's