1. Tuition fees for students

The annual amount of tuition fees paid to École Polytechnique for enrolment in the Master of Science and Technology degree program is determined by Éric Labaye, President of École Polytechnique Board of Directors, for each of the relevant training programs, as specified below, for students enrolled in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Rates are subject to change.

Training programAcronymTuition feesReductions in the following cases
Artificial Intelligence &
Advanced Visual Computing
A.I –ViC

> €14,100 for students from IP Paris

> €17,500 for students from outside IP Paris

Internet of Things: Innovation
& Management
IoT€14,100 annually15% reduction for students from South Chinese University of Technology (SCUT)
Energy Environment: Science
Technology & Management
STEEM€14,100 annually

> €10,000 annually for students with a scholarship from a partner company

> €11,000 annually for students with a scholarship from a new partner company

> €4,000 annually for European students and €8,000 annually for non-European students in the case of RENE agreements

> €8,000 annually for Moroccan students, (IRESEN funding). This applies to students from ENSMR, EHTP, EMI, ENSEM. Partial waiving of tuition fees and a scholarship may be granted on a case-by-case basis and not systematically, in accordance with the agreement between École Polytechnique and IRESEN

> €6,000 annually for students from Zhejiang University and Tsinghua University (China). This does not apply to students receiving a scholarship from a partner company.

Economics, Data Analytics &
Corporate Finance
EDACF€14,100 annually 
Economics for Smart Cities &
Climate Policy
ESCLIP€14,100 annually 
Environmental Engineering &
Sustainability Management
EESM€14,100 annually 
Data Science for BusinessDSB

> €24,650 for external international students, at l’X (M1)

> €24,650 for HEC students, at l’X (M1)

Data and Economics for Public Policy MasterDEPP

> €14,100 for external international students, at l’X (M1)

> €11,300 for IP Paris students (M1)

Data and Finance X-HEC MasterDSF

> €22,460 for the first year, at l’X

> €36, 860 for the second year, at HEC


2. Application fee

They are fixed at 90 € (non-refundable).

Students enrolled in a training cycle at École Polytechnique are exempt from application fees, including for Data Science for Business (DSB) training, applications for which are managed by HEC.

3. Deposit payment

Students are required to pay two non-refundable deposits* of €1,500 each, according to the information and timetable provided upon admission to the programme. The deposits will be deducted from their total tuition fees.

*Students admitted to STEEM programme as part of the Master RENE (programme organized with KTH, IST and PUC) are exempt from paying the application fees and the deposit.