Fondation Ecole Polytechnique: 

Ecole Polytechnique Foundation scholarships are based on several criteria (financial need, academic excellence, diversity). The selection is the result of an overall evaluation of the candidate’s application after the selection interview. Scholarships are deducted from tuition fees.

  • Eligibility: All candidates admitted to one of our master programs. 
  • Process: All admitted candidates automatically considered for Fondation Polytechnique scholarships. No additional document is required.
  • Deadline: Results from this scholarship are announced by email to all laureates after their admissions and before the confirmation deadline.

Financial aid from outside of École Polytechnique

Students may apply for loans provided by French national banks at a 0%  interest rate. We help our students by giving them key information about the application process but the requests can be made only at the start of the academic year (September). The bank will have the final decision on the loan amount and reimbursement plan.

A complete list of scholarships and grants is available on CampusBourses listing, where they are sorted by supporting organizations, fields of studies and countries of origin.

Students are encouraged to find other types of financial aid in their own country or in France by themselves.