What is the Bachelor Thesis?

During the last semester of the 3rd year of the Bachelor Program, students work on a research internship, the Bachelor Thesis, based in a laboratory.

It lasts 8 weeks minimum: usually it starts in January until March each year.

The Bachelor Thesis gives 14 ECTS credits. It involves a report (20 to 30 pages) and an oral defense (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions).

During this project, each student will be supported by a referent instructor, a tutor and the administration.

The Bachelor Thesis can be done here at Ecole Polytechnique or in an institution validated by both the referent instructor and the administration.

What are the possible fields of study?

  • Pure Maths
  • Applied Maths
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Mechanics
  • Computer Science

Students can also do their Bachelor Thesis on their minor such as Biology or Chemistry.

Our students testimonies

Antonin had the opportunity to join the LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique’s laboratory for Hydrodynamics. The lab is specialised in fluid mechanics, or in other words in interactions between a structure and a fluid. For his Bachelor Thesis, Antonin chose to focus his research project on studying the impact of drops of liquid on thin glass fibers using a high-speed camera for very precise analysis.