lucas soeth

Could you please tell us a few words about the BX Computer Science Committee?

The goal of our computer science committee is to encourage newcomers to the field. Computer Science is a very broad field and we try our best to expose our members to as many parts of it as possible. Furthermore, we try to complement the school's curriculum with some hands-on experiences.  

What are the main activites and events ?

The main events are our annual hackathon, internship conference and cs competition. Last year we had over 100 people participate in the hackathon, and this year we plan to expand the event to be IP Paris campus-wide. This will be a great opportunity for our members to get to know students from other schools. For the internship conference we teamed up with experts to teach students about how to create good CVs and successfully apply for internships. The CS Competition is a beginner-friendly challenge that introduces people to competitive programming. We also organize smaller events throughout the year such as workshops and talks with our researchers.

Why did you want to join this committee?

We are both excited about many fields of computer science and after participating in the presentations held by the committee last year, we felt like we could also share our experience and attempt to engage other students with the diverse fields of this subject. In general, we are very invested in student life, and it was a natural step to participate in it through a field we are passionate about.

How did you divide the work between all of the members ?

The president is responsible for coordinating the board by assigning tasks to the members, deciding about upcoming events, and handling external relations. The vice president is the technical mastermind of the committee and is responsible for taking care of all tech-related tasks. We have two board members dedicated to events. Their job is to prepare all details about the event and then the subsequent execution of it. We have a person dedicated for communications and another one to reach out to sponsors. Our goal is to add the additional role of a treasurer this year.

Did you work with other students associations ?

We worked together with BX-Pro for the presentation of the internship conference. We are actively working together with NeXt, the sustainability committee of the bachelor, to organize a datathon. We also have very close ties with the Binet Reseau which is the cs committee of the engineering program.

What is/are the best memory/ies with cs committee ?

We really enjoy doing the smaller workshops as they allow us to interact with our members more personally. Seeing their excitement on the topics you are passionate about and teaching them is very rewarding. Otherwise, the internal board meetings are very fun since we have become close friends, especially brainstorming sessions where we think of new events.

Any piece of advice to future Bachelor students that you would like to share?

I think one piece of advice I have is to be in touch with yourself and do what you like. It is easy to lose sight of our passions and do things others tell us to be important. University is a place to learn both academically and personally. With our busy schedules, we get caught up in life and often forget to spend time on our hobbies. It is important to be aware of this and take care of yourself accordingly.