Could you please tell us a few words about the BX Maths Committee ?

BMathX committee organizes all kinds of math related events. We are offering activities in both
academic and «recreational math». We have 8 members who are working on different parts of
the committee.

What are the main activities and events ?

We organize different kinds of events: we had a bachelor mathematics contest, seminar by an
invited lecturer, we coordinated a bachelor math seminar, we will have an integration contest on
PI day and we even held an Estimathon in the beginning of the year.

Why did you want to join this committee ?

We were the ones who initiated this committee and we hope it will continue being successful for
next generations of bachelors. We wanted to create this committee since many of the
math-related events were happening and we wanted to make them more centralized and
organized to last more (e.g. seminars and integration contest), also adding other parts to it.

How did the recruitment work ?

Since it is our beginning, we asked people who we thought would be interested and motivated.
For next years, we will have a selection process that will choose the next board members.

How did you divide the work between all of the members ?

Each person is responsible for different things: communications, events, etc.
Also, subgroups of people are responsible for different events. E.g. lectures, integration contest,
etc. Everyone is working on what they are most interested in.
We keep in mind that we may have work at university, so just as much as one can and which
part of the committee is within one’s interest

Did you work with other student associations ?

We haven’t worked with any other committee so far.
From the academic part of the committee we might work with other organizations like physics
committee. From the fun part we are open to coorganize events with any other committee like a
tea committee

What is/are the best memory/ies with maths committee ?

When we announced winners of our contest. We didn’t only talk about the winners, but also
played a small integration game and it made it very fun.
The other memorable event was mini estimathon. It was pretty cozy when people were solving
interesting problems together. From the organizational point of view it was cool to both host and
prepare problems for the event.

Any piece of advice to future Bachelor students that you would like to share?

Understand you won’t have a lot of time to organize a lot of things so concentrate on a number
of core things that will actually happen and last?