Could you please start by introducing yourself and the rest of the team?

I am Berra Dogan; I am a mathematics and computer-science double major from BX25. I am Magda Schyberg; I will be pursuing a Mathematics and Economics double major, with a minor in computer science, and I am also a BX25. We are the founders and presidents of the TEDx committee. The team consists of 10 members all from BX25, with different nationalities, majors, and interests.
Could you please tell us a few words about the TEDx Committee?

TED is a non-profit media organization responsible for a collection of diverse and inspirational conferences with the motto “ideas worth spreading.” And TEDx events are local gatherings targeted toward youth within the scope of TED. As the TEDx Committee, we aim to spread this idea with the events that we are organizing.
What are the main activities and events? (or future events)

The main event is the annual conference. This year it took place in May, and we had 6 speakers from various fields such as a physics researcher, a ninja warrior finalist, and a writer. There was a buffet after the conference, for people to interact with the speakers and network among each other.

Why did you want to join and/or create this committee?

While we both value academics highly, we wanted to contribute to an extracurricular organization that would motivate others to explore new fields and ideas outside of classes. Further, we wanted to create a space for students to network. So, we founded the TEDx committee as a way to devote ourselves to the student life of students in Paris and especially in Ecole Polytechnique.  

How did the recruitment work?

We sent an announcement to all Bachelor students and created a team of 10 people. They all had different roles: some were in charge of finding speakers, others of finding sponsors, communication, or decoration. Next year, we will do a selection and conduct interviews at the beginning of the school year.

Did you, or, are you going to work with other student associations?

For this year’s event, we collaborated with the Bachelor Music Committee who made a small show at the event, and MenuisiX who helped us produce wooden TEDx letters on the stage. Further, bachelor photographers also helped us during the event. Next year, we hope to work further with student associations including the dance committee and VolunteerX.

Any piece of advice to future Bachelor students that you would like to share?

We think it is incredible that when you are enrolled in this school you are able to contact experts from different fields and create a conference for all of them to inspire others. If you’re a Bachelor's student we think you should take advantage of this opportunity and join the TEDx committee!