Who are you and in which double major are you?

I am French and I have always lived in France. I studied in a good level French high school and have a scientific baccalaureate with Further Maths. I am currently a third year student in the Maths Econ double major.

Why would you recommend the Bachelor Program?

The Bachelor Program is really the best choice I could have made.
On the intellectual side, the courses are of outstanding quality. Teachers are more than devoted to transmitting to us great, complete and stimulating knowledge. The content of the courses is really challenging and so interesting. Teachers are willing to share and exchange with students. I feel more than ready to pursue a demanding quantitative masters program now.

Moreover, this Bachelor program is amazing for the people that surround you. The relationships that I built during this bachelor are strong and unique. People around you bring so much to your experience here, they are all enthusiastic and different! And you grow a lot by being surrounded by such interesting people.

So both on the personal and the academic side the Bachelor is a unique experience a student could have. Even though it is academically challenging, I feel much stronger now after 3 years studying there. I learnt a lot about me and about my ability to work and learn!

What would be a great memory of your time in the Program that you would like to share with future students?

It’s hard to chose a specific moment in these 3 intense years. I would say I would always remember exam weeks where we are all working together (late at night) but feeling so great after all the exams are done! It is always a tough week but in these moments you understand the quality of the courses, you can observe the path and the challenges you have been through and which you overcome but most of all you understand how important it is to be surrounded by other amazing students! For sure I will also remember my exchange semester in Bocconi (Milan) which was fantastic!!!!

What would be a piece of advice that you would like to share with future students?

Future students should really take this opportunity of studying in the Bachelor Program as a unique experience! They should be willing to benefit from it at 200% and be willing to give the best of themselves.

Where have you been admitted so far and what do you intend to do after the Program? Any other general comment on the outcomes of the Bachelor Program at this stage?

I have been admitted to all the masters programs I applied to: HEC Master in Management, Berkeley Master in Financial engineering, LSE Financial Mathematics and Bocconi Finance. I plan to go to HEC Paris to pursue a career in finance.
The Bachelor Program is an amazing choice which will allow you to flourish!!