Meet our students - Dulamkhuu Bujaa

Meet Dulamkhuu Bujaa one of the first two students from Mongolia to join École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program. She and Uranchimeg Zamindii arrived in France in August 2018 to enter the first year of the program, along with 67 other students from France and elsewhere around the globe.

" I grew up in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, and graduated from a dual program at an international school. I completed both the Mongolian curriculum and A-levels in mathematics, physics, and geography. Only three public high schools in Ulaanbaatar offer such dual programs; they select students from all over the country based on mathematical skills, logical thinking, and proficiency in English. The admission rate is very low, at about 0.2%.


Dulamkhuu, in front of Ecole Polytechnique's lake


After graduating from high school, my plan was to study abroad at one of the best universities in the world. I took two years out to search for the universities and countries that best suited my personality and ambitions. Among the institutions I focused the most on was École Polytechnique.

During those gap years, I also worked as a tour guide and got to meet tourists from all over the world, while learning all about western culture. I immediately felt connected with it and with France especially. I was accepted into universities in Hungary, Korea, Japan and Turkey, but I chose France.

I did not know what to expect before coming to France. More than 10,000 Mongolian students leave to study abroad every year, but France is not a common destination. Maybe it is because of the language. I am the first generation in my family to go to university, so no one around me could share their experience about studying abroad. When I landed here in August, everything was so new. I am still very curious about French culture and eager to keep learning more about it.


As a child, I wanted to be a doctor. Later, in high school, I realized that becoming a doctor was not for me, as it did not match my personality.

I did not have professors in high school to teach me the fundamentals of physics, so I started studying it auto-didactically. I enjoyed it so much that I eventually entered the National Physics Olympiads, and won third place. I found out I had a huge interest in the field and was offered to join the Mongolian Physics team. In the team, I had university-level classes given by professors from the National University of Mongolia.

I want to combine both Physics and Biology, so I decided to become a biophysicist. After I complete the Bachelor Program, I am planning to pursue my studies with a Master’s degree and then a PhD, either at École Polytechnique or abroad. Following this, I hope to work in research, maybe in bionics to improve the human anatomy, and maybe someday make a positive impact on the human body. "

Dulamkhuu Bujaa

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