A warm and friendly place for the students to meet, gather and exchange!

It has been almost two years since the students of the Bachelor of Science program moved into their new ‘Bâtiment de vie’ and it is with great joy that they participated in the inauguration of the new ‘Foyer Bachelor’ (Bachelor's student lounge) on Friday November 19, 2021!

This inauguration was led by Mr Bouchet, General Director of l’X. He was accompanied by Mr Destremau, Head of Student Affairs and Personal development for the program, and Mrs Goranovic, General Secretary of The L’ORE (Student organization of the Bachelor of Science program).


The General Director underlined the importance of a welcoming place which will be an asset for this young program (which is in its 5th year of existence!) .

The ‘Foyer Bachelor’ will help the Bachelor program to develop its traditions and to establish itself on the campus in a sustainable and serene way.

The Foyer will be a place where the Bachelor identity will be anchored and reinforced, creating a true ‘Bachelor family spirit’ while providing openness and inclusion with other programs of the school.