AX: develop your network

Being Alumni of the Executive Master also means joining one of the most powerful alumni associations: AX, the association of former students and graduates of the École Polytechnique.

This prestigious network gives you access to many services such as:

  • Directory of the X: a unique and reliable networking experience via an online directory and a "@" lifetime email address
  • School resources: the association offers you opportunities to continue training throughout your life: in-depth study of specific themes, training, conferences, entrepreneurship ...
  • AX Careers: students, young graduates, managers and executives are given the opportunity to prepare for the next stages of their career thanks to this wide range of HR tools
  • Credits X-Mines offers alumni of engineering schools privileged offers, including advantages on loans and other financial services
  • The AX also provides rooms for your events, appointments and meetings on the university campus, at the AX headquarters at rue Descartes (Paris 5th) and at the Maison des Polytechniques (Paris 7th).

"When I started the Executive Master program, I directed the University of directors and potential directors of a large banking organization.  My objective, above all, was to better understand the technologies disrupting our world in order to make a greater impact on accompanying the transformation of my company.  I never imagined leaving that organization, much less undertaking such a professional shift.  I joined the entrepreneurial adventure of one of my colleagues in the cohort.  TEHTRIS is a quickly growing deep tech startup in the sector of cybersecurity, and I became its Chief Development Officer.  The Executive Master was a transformative experience for me, from all points of view, and without it, this evolution would not have been possible.The quality of the program, balanced in its aspects of the management of innovation, technology, international perspective, opportunities for personal development, along with the caliber of the professors make this program exceptional. The strength of an engineering school of excellence along with a current vision of business and leadership!"


Chief Development Officer - TEHTRIS