All the programs have adapted to current circumstances and organized distance learning.

The Bachelor of Science: Courses are taught online for first and second year students. Concerning the third year, which prepares the Bachelor Thesis, the evaluation has been adapted to the circumstances.

The Ingénieur polytechnicien program: The current circumstances are being used to prepare for the start of the academic year with a digital core curriculum, lectures and presentations of research projects from the laboratories on campus. It will also be a new academic year under around the subjects of sustainable development and energy transition, with group workshops aiming to encourage communications between students in order to maintain the cohesion.

The Masters of Science & Technology (MSc&T): The current period is dedicated to internships for both the 1st and 2nd years. Many companies have allowed our students to do their internship remotely. The start of the academic year in september will be maintained no matter how the crisis evolves, wether digitally or on campus.

Starting the very beginning of the crisis in march, École Polytechnique carried out a global digitalisation of its teaching process so all French and International students can follow their courses remotely. Discover the example of Yannis Laplace's TP in physics for the Bachelor of Science.

Applications process

The Bachelor of Science: Application rounds are now closed for an entry in September 2021. The next rounds will open from the 9th September 2021 for the September 2022 intake. Please click here to check the application calendar.

The Ingénieur polytechnicien program: Following the measures announced by the Government on the introduction of a new calendar for the Grandes Ecoles admission exams, the CPGE written exams will take place from June 22 to 26, following the sanitary evolution at that time. Oral examinations will take place during the last two weeks of July. The final results will be communicated individually on August 7th.

The Masters of Science & Technology (MSc&T): Application rounds are now closed for an entry in September 2021.The next rounds will open from the 3rd November 2021 for the September 2022 intake. Please click here to check the application calendar and here for the MSc Data Science for Business X-HEC.

Our students

Our students

  •  As part of the Resilience Operation, about 50 students from Ecole Polytechnique went back to their previous internships unit with the fire brigad or in police stations, for instance.
  • Bachelor students made a commitment in the civic reserve and the civil protection.
  • 42 students offered their help to the intensive care units of more than 20 hospitals in Ile-de-France, with regards to the follow up on their Covid-19 patients data bases. .
  • More than 400 students from the Bachelor of Science and the Cycle Ingénieur programs are involved in tutoring sessions for more than 500 students in France. Among them, 50 children whose parents are in militaries and currently joining forces to fight the Covid-19 crisis.

Independently learning completely new concepts is one of the greatest challenges we have been presented with, hopefully we’ll be able to turn this one of our successes! Maxime, 1st year Bachelor student. 

Hackathon covid-19

Two Bachelor students participated in a hackathon centered on the Covid-19 situation and took the second place on the podium.

The thematics were: government, healthcare, business and communities. In the end, about 1400 people from 52 nationalities participated, including about 100 mentors to help the 140 projects emerge. The participants worked during an entire weekend on tools such as Slack, Bemyapp or Zoom to create their projects remotely and be able to send it on time (a video of less than 2 minutes to present their solutions to the jury).

Three projects stood out like Granny (an application to facilitate exchanges with families and friends in Ehpad), DIO (a platform to recreate a value chain at the local level) and Safeline (an application to regulate queues in front of supermarkets).

Hackathon Covid-19