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Admission Criteria

Please note that applications for the Bachelor Program are only considered for admission to Year 1. We are unable to accept transfer students in Years 2 and 3 of the Program.

General Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Currently be studying for a high school leaving certificate, recognized either internationally or in the candidate's home country (French Baccalaureate, OIB, International Baccalaureate, Swiss high-school maturité certificate, European high-school certificate…)
  • Currently be studying for a scientific university entrance certificate
  • Have already obtained an entrance certificate to study science at a higher education institution (scientific university, specialized institute, French preparatory class…)

Students are selected using a holistic approach to admissions. The Admissions Committee considers not only academics (i.e. strong academic performance in high school, especially in mathematics and science), but also non-academic factors. We recognize exemplary, sustained achievement in any field of intellectual or creative endeavor; accomplishments in extracurricular activities such as performing arts or athletics, scientific competitions, internships, leadership in your school or community, volunteering etc.

Specific Admission Requirements

Consistent with all of École Polytechnique’s academic programs, the Bachelor Program is designed for top students with very high potential, who are able to follow a rich and demanding curriculum.

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, applicants to École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program should also meet the following specific requirements:

  • have an overall strong academic average
  • take advanced mathematics courses, and at least one advanced science course
  • have a level of English sufficient to successfully complete this Program (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level C1)

Application Procedure

Please read the information on this page carefully and follow the guidelines to successfully complete your application.
Applications to the Bachelor Program are only available through our online application system.

Start as early as possible. It may take time to gather all supporting documents necessary for your application.


To accommodate high school calendars from all over the world, there are three rounds of applications, with the first one starting in September. Make sure you prepare your application carefully and apply when you are ready.

BEWARE: Candidates can only apply once per academic year to the Bachelor Program, either via Parcoursup or via Ecole Polytechnique's online application system.  You will not increase your chances of being admitted to the Program if you apply via both platforms.


Application Deadlines

Interview Dates (for shortlisted candidates only)

Final Admission Results

Round 1




Round 2





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Round 3


Application File

Applications to the Bachelor Program are only available through our online application system. Applicants must submit official academic transcripts, a personal statement, a CV, a form of ID, a photo, the application fee and contact details for two referents. Click on the link below to download the complete list of required documents.

Our students and staff help you build the best possible application! Watch the video and read the article: How to Prepare a Strong Application: Tips from Current Bachelor Students.

IMPORTANT : INFORMATION ON THE CAMPUS FRANCE PROCEDURE: Applications to the Bachelor Program are only available through our online application system. We are not in contact with Campus France, and you do not need to apply for a pre-registration to undergraduate studies with them. Any application to the Bachelor Program made through Campus France will not be examined by our Admissions Committee.

Application Fees

Each applicant will be asked to pay an application fee of €95, payable by credit card or bank transfer. 

There is no application fee waiver available.

Please note that an application fee waiver is available to students eligible to "La Bourse du lycée" (fees to be refunded upon submission of proof of eligibility).

Shortlisted Applicants

Shortlisted applicants receive an invitation for an interview, which will be conducted remotely (videoconference). The interview will last around 50 minutes and will be conducted entirely in English. Click below for more information about the interview.

After the interview,
all elements of your application and the oral interview results are considered for your admission to the Bachelor Program.

Our students and staff help you build the best possible application! Watch the video and read the article: How to Prepare your oral interview: Tips from Current Bachelor Students


All complete applications are reviewed by a board composed of faculty members and deans from École Polytechnique. The final decisions for admissions take into consideration all aspects of the application (contents of the application file as well as the interview). Interviewed applicants receive an email in the weeks following their interview, to inform them whether their application has been successful or not.

When applicable, the final confirmation of your admission will depend on the completion of your secondary school leaving certificate or your scientific university entrance certificate: the terms and conditions of your admission will be specified in the message that you will receive after your interview.

If your application has not been successful and you feel that you have the academic potential to enter our Bachelor Program, you may wish to apply again the following year. Please note that even excellent results do not necessarily mean that you will be selected and, if you are admitted, keep in mind that you will still have to start in Year 1 of our program.