What is it like to be a MSc&T student? Hanna Mergui in AIViC


Who are you ?
My name is Hanna Mergui, I am 22 years old and I am currently a student in the Master of Science and Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Visual Computing.
After graduating from a degree in computer mathematics at the University of Descartes, I felt the need to move towards less theoretical but more specialized training.
So I did my first year of a Master "MIAGE" (Mathematics and Computer Science Applied to Business Management) at the University of Paris-Dauphine.

Why did you choose to join Ecole Polytechnique?
Since I was little, I saw Ecole Polytechnique as an inaccessible school.
I don't think I could have entered the school by going through the Engineering Cycle because I'm far too anxious to pass the entrance exams. So I had given up the idea of ​​one day joining this prestigious school until I discovered that a friend who had been at Dauphine before was now doing a Masters at Polytechnique.
I was very surprised to learn that the Ecole Polytechnique had recently created Masters of Science and Technology, accessible after a Bachelor's degree. So I applied and was able to join the MSc&T AIViC!

How did you manage your anxiety during the admissions interview?
As soon as I found out that I was called for an interview, I trained myself to answer certain questions to prepare my speech.
Although I was not able to answer all the technical questions in English, I was able to show my motivation and my interest in the program.
I must also admit that the people in the administration reassured me a lot and answered each of my questions, whether before sending my application, during the wait or after I joined the school. It is very appreciable, especially when one lacks self-confidence!
In your opinion, what is the added value of this MSc&T?
I would say that this training brings me a lot of legitimacy. The courses are extremely qualitative, complete but also balanced between theory and practice.
This MSc&T is very complete because the program is composed of courses in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. A very rare combination in the training offered in France, although it is essential.
I am currently looking for an internship and I already see very clearly the difference with the proposals I got before being a student at l'X.

How would you describe this program in 3 words?
In addition to being well balanced between theory and practice, this training offers very advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.
The students on campus come from all over the world, which also allows them to discover other cultures and open up to others.
This training pushes you to upgrade your goals

What are your ambitions ?
I dream of creating my own business in the health field to put my passion for Artificial Intelligence to good use. Firstly because I would have loved to be a doctor and secondly because it is important for me to bring something useful to our society.
For the moment, I am concentrating on my training and think of looking into this project at the end of my Master 2. I am therefore looking for an internship in a startup in the health sector to learn as much as possible! (I found an internship at Milvue to work in as an AI specialist in the field of medical imaging)

Any advice for future students?
If you dream of joining an MSc&T at Ecole Polytechnique, have confidence in yourself and try your luck! For the record, I applied twice: in the last year of a Bachelor's degree and in the first year of a Master's.
Do not be discouraged and give the best of yourself in your current course to put the odds on your side. And above all, be fluent in English. Lean into technical vocabulary even if you are quite confident in English. This will allow you to have a head start and better follow the courses from the start of the school year.