École Polytechnique is more than just work - Discover what our Bachelor students have been up to.

With the end of the school year fast approaching comes an important moment for our 70 Bachelor students: selecting their double majors for the next two years to come.

The students have the choice between three double majors giving them the opportunity to tailor their academic journey with a specialization:

All the Bachelor students study the same curriculum during their first year which provides them with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for the rest of École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program.

Some disciplines are brand new for some students such as Computer Science and Economics and many do change their mind regarding the double major they wish to take during the course of the school year, such as Ghjulia Sialelli: “Upon my arrival in the Bachelor program, I didn’t know for sure which double major I would pursue, but I wasn’t going for Computer Science. I had never studied CS before, but I got really into it when classes started, and therefore I chose to continue further with it. The administration helped me in my decision, counseling me with my choice of electives. Mr. Smith - our Semester 1 CS teacher and CS academic advisor- was of great help as well, with his detailed feedback and encouragements to pursue in this field.”

Our 70 Bachelor students have all the cards to make the right decision

To choose their double major, students benefit from counseling and advice throughout the year from a number of key stakeholders who ensure a smooth process:

  • The Academic Advisors by field of study (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and Economics) contribute to the development of the syllabus and to the program structure. They introduce the students to the courses in each discipline and are key contacts for students whenever they have questions.
  • The First-Year Officer, Manon Vernier, reports: "My role is to provide advising for students to make an informed decision on the double major they wish to pursue. Students will explore so many new topics during the first year that choosing their specialization may be challenging! Elective courses available in the second semester aim at giving a broader vision of a field. For example, a student interested in both Computer Science and Physics may find it useful to pick the elective courses "Web Programming" and "Applied Physics" in order to decide which path she/he likes better. In cooperation with the academic advisors and the personal development officers, I am available to meet with all the students individually throughout the year to discuss their academic project and to ensure their well-being in the Program.
  • The Bachelor Program Office, in conjunction with units across the institution, organize workshops to give students the tools and methods to succeed academically and to make the right choices for their studies.

The selection is done in line with the level in the subjects selected. The Academic Council makes its final decisions using academic results from the entire year.

Though students do specialize, the Bachelor Program still remains a multidisciplinary degree offering students a wide range of career prospects.

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