Could you please introduce yourself ?

I’m Ludányi Levente, second year Mathematics and Computer Science double major. I am Hungarian and I did the Hungarian education system before coming to Polytechnique.

Why did you choose the Bachelor of Science of Ecole Polytechnique ?

I did it because of the double major program. It is unique in Europe and I think it is very valuable to have strong mathematical foundations and study a more applied science at the same time.

Could you tell us how the second year is going ?

It is definitely harder than the first one. It is fair to say that the first year focuses more on mathematics and the second year focuses more on your other major. I really enjoy this switch to be honest.

Do you have a favourite course?

In third semester we had a C++ course where we did a group project. I had the chance of lead a team of 20 people and build a market simulator based on liquidity pools. I am huge believer of collaboration and “learning by doing” that is why this course was so good.

What would be a great memory of your second year in the Program that you would like to share with future students?

It is not a particular moment but in second year two fellow bachelors and I started to work on our startup. This is definitely something I am going to remember throughout my life.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to grow my startup and build a successful venture out of it.

Any piece of advice to future Bachelor students that you would like to share?

If there’s only one thing the viewers remember from this interview, I hope that’s this point. Be open minded, don’t be afraid of tying out new things, just embrace the opportunity at the same time be . I know it’s general but you’d be surprised how many insane opportunities you can find if you are open-minded and hard-working.