What the bachelor of Science students do during the first year? Let's find out !


Could you please introduce yourself ?

Hello ! I am Alexandre Bismuth, a French BX25. I come from Paris, and I took the French International
Baccalaureate. I am now in my first Year at the Bachelor of Science of Ecole Polytechnique, and I am
looking forward to pursuing the double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science next year.

Why did you choose the Bachelor of Science of Ecole Polytechnique ?

For me, the choice of the Bachelor of Science of Ecole Polytechnique was pretty natural.
Academically, Ecole Polytechnique was a perfect fit given that it would allow me to pursue a double
degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, two topics I love, while allowing me to discover more
of the world of Physics and Economics. In addition, Ecole Polytechnique’s reputation also allows me to feel confident about my future abilities and my capacities to be admitted in an excellent postgraduate

Socially, this Bachelor of Science was also a great choice. I would say that living on a campus allows for something that you don’t have in a city, even if it has its disadvantages. Given that we all live in the same building, we are all like a big family. Even with an intensive course load, I always find the time to do something with my friend, go to the events organized by the (amazing) Bachelor Students’ organization, or work on the committees, binets, and projects that I am part of.

Could you tell us how the first year is going ?

My first year at the Bachelor of Science is going great. From the start, I have really enjoyed the format
of the classes. Since the teachers go rather quickly during lectures and tutorials, most of the work has
to be done at home. This is something I particularly like, since you are given the freedom to organize
yourself as you wish. This allows me to sometimes be off campus and not fall behind schedule.
This year, I am also part of many committees & binets, which allows me to have fun, develop
alternative technical skills, professionalize myself, and build genuine friendships. This is something that
you don’t get to experiment in every University, and I find it great that we get it here.

Do you have a favourite course?

As a Computer Science Guy, every Computer Science class has been my favourite class. I like to develop coding skills to solve problems. I feel like developing these skills now will later allow me to contribute to solving real life problems.
Therefore, a class which was not necessarily my favourite, but which was a great surprise for me was ECO101, the introduction to economics. Now, even though I am not taking it as my major, I really want to discover more of the world of economics perhaps later in my career.

What would be a great memory of your first year in the Program that you would like to share with future students?

A great memory of my first year was the Tech Trip organized by X’Sraël (polytechniqueisrael.binets.fr). As one of my projects, I led a group of 40 students from Ecole Polytechnique to visit the Start-up Nation and to discover more of the Israeli culture. This was an unforgettable experience and it allowed me to become friends with professionals as well as student from the Bachelor, but also from the Engineering and the Master program.

What are your ambitions for the future?

In the future, I am looking forward to working in the field of entrepreneurship and finance. Therefore,
to achieve that goal, I want to continue to develop my technical skills in Computer Science, before
eventually studying economics later in my career.

Any piece of advice to future Bachelor students that you would like to share?

I will keep it short : Enjoy integration. Those two weeks are some of the best weeks of my life, so enjoy every second of it.