Who are you?
My name is Hong-Hanh DANG and I am from Vietnam. I graduated from the Master of Science and Technology in Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management at Ecole Polytechnique.

I am currently working at TotalEnergies as an R&D Engineer on the Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Energies.

Why did you choose to enter Ecole Polytechnique?
I was recommended to apply by a professor of mine who was a Polytechnique alumnus. After careful research, I realized that this program was the best fit for my interests and career goals.

Ecole Polytechnique is France’s most famous engineering school with a long history of excellence, cutting-edge, high reputation research, high-profile researcher-lecturers and committed academic and industrial partners. When I decided to apply, I firmly believed that by being a student at Ecole Polytechnique, I would prepare myself for the next step of my career as an engineer in the renewable energy industry.

What is your job about?
I am working in the R&D hub of TotalEnergies OneTech - a project designed to address the twofold challenge posed by evolving energy markets and climate change.
I conduct Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of renewable energies to support TotalEnergies as a bidder for projects in France and to develop Environmental Product Declarations. Furthermore, I collect Life Cycle Data and integrate them into models to assess the environmental impacts of Energy Technologies. I also develop internal tools to facilitate the LCA of renewable energies for TotalEnergies entities.
How did you find a job once you graduated?
I was offered a contract during my end-of-study internship at TotalEnergies. The major challenge I faced when I was a student was finding internships, but the high reputation of Ecole Polytechnique was helpful in this process.
I think the name of Ecole Polytechnique is an asset to find a job. Besides the diploma and the reputation, I also benefited from the alumni network of Ecole Polytechnique.

What do you like the most about your job?
I am grateful every day that I am working for a greater cause - tackling climate change to save our planet.

I enjoy working both as a researcher and an engineer, and my R&D engineer position allows me to take both roles. Time flies when doing what we love, especially in such an exciting and challenging environment at TotalEnergies. Thanks to my work, I can learn from industry experts, project managers, and business representatives that I work with to obtain the manufacturing and process data necessary for carrying out LCA studies.

What did your training bring you?

The most important skill that I gained during my MSc&T was modeling and analytical skills.
The program of this MSc&T is well-balanced between lectures, and practical studies. Besides lectures given by lecturers and industry experts to sharpen my background on renewable energy, I set theoretical knowledge in practice with:
- group projects supervised by lecturer-researchers
- internships supervised by both the host companies and an academic advisor
- coursework in the laboratories,
I love the fact that the curriculum is highly customizable to students’ desired career paths, be it industry or academia, wind energy, or photovoltaics. The interdisciplinary nature of the
curriculum helps me gain a strong capacity to adapt, learn and appropriate new topics. I learned to work on multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize to meet deadlines.
I was able to work both on technical and project management skills in the renewable energy industry, which is rare to find both in a master’s degree.
What memories do you have of your time spent at l’X and in your MSc&T?
I am grateful for the attention and kindness of the teachers and the Graduate Degree team, who went great lengths to help me pursue my dreams. Thanks to the advice that they gave to my projects, I worked on the major obstacle that hindered my career growth. I had my dear classmates and the support from l’X every step of the MSc&T journey.