Amélie Meurer is an alumna of the MSc&T Data Science for Business from École Polytechnique and HEC.

Today, she is a Data Scientist at BCG Gamma, a company that creates custom solutions for the artificial intelligence generation that brings about end-to-end business transformation.

In this interview, Amélie talks about her experience at École Polytechnique, explains her career plan and gives you some advice.

Amélie Meurer

Who are you ?
My name is Amélie Meurer, I am French and I graduated from the Master of Sience and Technology Data Science for Business - a double degree from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC.

I started my studies at HEC after 2 years of preparatory classes. During my studies at HEC, I missed mathematics a lot so I decided to pursue my studies with the double degree with the Ecole Polytechnique in the field of Data Science. Right after my studies, I joined BCG Gamma as a Data Scientist.

Why did you choose the path of Data Science?
I have always been very interested in technology and innovation. The subjects are always galvanizing and exciting.

When I was studying at HEC, I only saw myself working in the business or management part of a company.
The Data Science for Business double degree allowed me to create the innovation myself. I am now at a position that requires knowledge in mathematics - which I always really liked.

I chose Data Science to be able to apply something that amuses me a lot on a daily basis.

What is your job about?
I have a double hat: I am both a Consultant and a Data Scientist.

I do the more classic and well-known job of a consultant (advising clients on the strategy to be implemented) and the more innovative one of a Data Scientist (creating and implementing the tool at the client's company).
I spend a large part of my day coding and then I have to be able to explain the creation and co-create the solution with the client so that it fully meets his or her needs.

What do you like most about this job?
My favorite part is the code. I find it very satisfying to build a product: starting from scratch and seeing your robust and modular product being used daily by professionals.

What are the concepts that you were able to acquire during your MSc&T?
The training is divided into 2 years and everything has been very useful to me:

  • At Ecole polytechnique, I learned to code and this year allowed me to acquire all the technical skills to propel me to the rank of Data Scientist with legitimacy.
  • At HEC, I learned to develop my business side. It was a question of implementing this technical knowledge and moving away from the performance of its algorithm to successfully talk about its project to non-technical partners.

    I think that the real added value of this diploma is this double skill: to be able to create but also to explain what you are creating to people who do not know how to do it.

    What memories do you have of this training?
    It's a bit cliché but the friends I've been able to make.
    These friendships are special because I can talk about my job on a daily basis, which I like and helps me a lot in my career progression. They are also my best coaches.

    What are your ambitions for the future?
    I work in a very innovative field. So I prefer not to have a precise career plan but in the short term, I want to progress in technique and in project management.
    In the long term, I see myself pursuing my career in the field of Data Science and over time, I think I will move towards a more senior position.

    How would you describe this program in 3 words?

    • Learning – I learned a lot in technique and management
    • Impacting – the MSc&T is truly attentive to the market and the changes that are taking place in this field
    • Friendship – this training was for me a source of very precious friendships

    What advice would you give to future students?
    I think you have to think about the job you want to do and find what you are passionate about.

    We spend most of our time at work, so we might as well work in a profession or a field that we like, rather than following studies and prestigious internships without a specific goal, as if you were on tracks.