Date: Thursday December 15th - 12:30PM (CET)

Get to know our MSc&T in Data and Economics for Public Policy

Meeting modern society’s grand challenges is a key aspect of the MSc&T "Data and Economics for Public Policy". A program entirely taught in English with a unique positioning in France and abroad - offering a public policy training in a French engineering school, training high level policy leaders for over 2 centuries.

In 2 years, students gain problem-solving, quantitative and managerial skills. At a time of heightened concern about economic development, labor, poverty, social equity, education, health and the environment, this MSc&T program gives students the tools to develop effective, evidence-based solutions and equip them with knowledge and understanding needed to reform and enhance public policies - with a focus on the quantitative methods in the framing, analysis, and resolution of public policy problems.

During this webinar, Pierre Boyer and Franck Malherbet, Program Directors, will present to you the program, the outlets and the prerequisites needed to apply.