During the last semester of the Bachelor of Science, students work on the Bachelor Thesis a lab-based research internship. The thesis provides students an opportunity to pursue a directed, focused, and individual research project linked to the students' double major.

Bachelor Thesis

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Jade, and I am French. I am a 3rd year Bachelor student in the double major Mathematics and Physics.

Can you quickly explain what the Bachelor Thesis consists of?

The Bachelor thesis consists of an 8-week internship where students take up a research project. At the end of it, a 20–30-page research paper is produced in our field of choice.

What was the subject of your Bachelor Thesis?

I am doing my thesis in the field of applied mathematics. I am researching simulated annealing and how we can use randomness to solve the travelling salesman problem.

What are the skills that you were able to acquire during this project?

I learnt mathematical writing but more specially how to conduct research. Unlike many projects conducted before, this required a very precise skillset and even though my project was specific to the field of applied mathematics, it can be applied to any area when conducting research.

What advice do you have for future students who will have to carry out this project?

It is really important to take on a project in a field that you enjoy. There is so much potential for further research within the scope of your chosen topic for future studies and even in your career.