Amaury Jean

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hey! I'm Amaury. I'm French but I was born in Germany and lived there for 18 years before coming to the Bachelor program. I attended the Lycée Français de Düsseldorf (LfdD) and passed the French and German high school diplomas. Apart from science, I love music and especially singing and playing the violin, which I can continue to do here on campus and it's great!

What made you choose the Bachelor of Science at Ecole Polytechnique? Did your brothers, both Bachelor of Science graduates, help you in this decision?

I was looking for demanding scientific studies but, on the other hand, I really wanted to enjoy student life and be able to say in the future "those were great years! »! Coming from a French school abroad, I have already had the opportunity to study in a very international environment and I highly value this human enrichment that the Bachelor of Science also offers. It was an important aspect in my choice. 

Yes, it was very useful to have two brothers in the program! It's surely the best way to get all the answers to the questions I could ask myself ;-). I can identify with my brothers very easily and seeing them passionate and hearing them talk about their studies on campus really convinced me to come.

We’re going through a very exceptional time. What’s it like to be a college freshman during a pandemic?

It is very special indeed and there are several experiences that I was expecting and that could not take place. However, being a student for the first time is a great experience that I like very much! Especially in these complicated circumstances, I really appreciate being on campus with other students: there is great solidarity, support and imagination to continue to enjoy student life the best we can!

Does the School manage to keep you entertained in this challenging time? Are there any activities, even virtual, offered for your promotion?

Yes, the school continues to be active for us! We could have a virtual “Bachelorgiving” (aka Thanksgiving within the Bachelor of Science) before Christmas as well as virtual sport sessions in order to stay in shape! At the beginning of the year, "care groups" of about ten people from the three promotions were created. This is a nice way of meeting students and taking care of each other by organising activities together.

We also had an orienteering in Paris after the intense week of final exams. Lately, we were even able to organise a real and online concert which was awesome! Many students tell us that "it's so much better in ‘normal' times". So, if the great experiences we've had are just a foretaste of what it is like to be on campus in normal times, I can't imagine how amazing it must be!

Do you have a favourite course?

For me the whole Analysis class of the first semester is a memorable experience! We had an extraordinary teacher who, in addition to explaining us difficult concepts, didn’t hesitate to make jokes in order to have a relaxed atmosphere. Some of them already became famous within our promotion and within the whole Bachelor!

What would you like to do after the Bachelor program?

After the Bachelor I think I would like to do a Master in Physics. The first promotion (BX2020) showed us the way and entered great universities. I would be honoured to follow one of them.

Any piece of advice for future Bachelor students?

Enjoy! Some people want to take a one-year break after high school and go on a trip around the world. Others prefer to start their studies with high academic goals. What I feel is that the Bachelor of Ecole Polytechnique offers you both: while working on your Analysis homework, drawing complex molecules and figuring out how your yo-yo rotates you can share a Vietnamese diner, learn to count in Serbian and discover Indian traditions. Isn’t that great?