Despite an extensive workload, Bachelor students have the opportunity to be a part of a great range of student associations (called “binets”) at École Polytechnique.

The Bachelor Program provides multidisciplinary training in many aspects: its wide syllabus, the variety of sport disciplines taught and the numerous extracurricular activities available on campus.
Here are some examples of student associations that Bachelor students can get involved in:

Culture and art

Some students have piano lessons with Mr. Holiner, the school music teacher, while others are members of l'Orchestre du Plateau de Saclay and Choeur de l'X, which gather amateur musicians and singers from several nearby schools. They perform regularly on campus or at the Madeleine Church in Paris.

Many cultural associations, such as X-China, X-Africa or X-Tunisia, welcome Bachelor students and organize activities and themed days. For instance, X-Africa recently conducted the X-Afrique Forum to promote entrepreneurship in Africa, welcoming nearly 700 participants.


Non-Profit & Civic

A few students take part in social and humanitarian activities with ASK Association, like after-school tutoring for high school students near campus. Some students are members of XY, the LGBT association of l’X. Others are part of X au féminin, the association for female students. You can also attend conferences and debates organized by Tribunes de l’X, which tackles major topics in society, often with the presence of political and intellectual figures.

Science, Technology and the Environment

École Polytechnique students are very involved in clubs related to STEM subjects, in addition to their considerable scientific workload. For example, X-Robot provides robotics training and participates in big challenges like hackathons and national tournaments. They work in the Drahi-X Novation Center, which is open to Bachelor students.

The binet DDX, supporting sustainable development initiatives among the X community, is currently working on the creation of an on-campus garden, and a Bachelor student is actively promoting their activities!


Student-led activities

Bachelor students are deeply involved in the development and promotion of this new program among École Polytechnique community.

At the beginning of the year, they invited a large number of 2016 Ingénieur Polytechnicien students to a potluck, which was a good opportunity to share some specialties of their respective cultures and to know each other better.

In May, Bachelor students will organize a large event on campus to introduce themselves and the program to all students, professors, researchers and staff of École Polytechnique.

Throughout the year, they also work closely with the Marketing and International Relations Department by making themselves available during campus tours for visitors, giving interviews to French and international media, participating in videos, monitoring the Bachelor Admissions Facebook group, etc.

Keep in mind that Bachelor students have little time for all that as their workload is very intense, especially during the first year. So, maintaining a balance between study and leisure can prove challenging!

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