Application process

You can contact us any time to better prepare your training course, discuss your project in more detail and be accompanied throughout the process. 
This one is very simple:

1. INTERVIEW WITH THE ADMISSIONS TEAM: First phase is the discussion with our Admissions Team If all requirements are met, you will be provided access to our online application portal.

2. WRITEN APPLICATION: Submit your application explaining your project, your motivation and your interest in technology.

3. FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW WITH THE JURY: Meet the admissions jury and elaborate.

Important dates

Applications for the Executive Master can be submitted throughout the year. For the September 2031 intake, Selection Committees (interviews with candidates) are organized between November and May. However, the Admission Jury meets 3 times a year in moments crucials for studying the applications and decide on the final admission.  

  • March 31, 2021: Candidates having successfully completed and returned their application before this date will benefit from a 3000€ reduction.
  • June, 2022
  • July, 2022

We receive a large number of applications while the size of each class is limited. We therefore invite you to apply as soon as possible, so that you can be promptly invited to a Selection Committee, if your application is accepted, and obtain a final response from the Admission Jury.


"Technology is getting more and more powerful in everything, and Business environment is changing ever faster everywhere; many organisational approaches are inadequate now and this trend will continue to accelerate.
This Executive Master combines technological and managerial aspects. It aims to assist senior decision makers in having better visibility of entire panorama (of situation and options), understanding of potential impact (whether people, platforms and/or processes), and most important guide them in a better & educated decision making to stay on top. Winners take All."

Executive Director


"I think in medicine, innovation is the main driver for progress for the patient. So if you want to stay on top, you have to manage this innovation and how to use it in the most efficient way.
I have three main expectations : stay up to date on innovation topics, from a strategic and management perspective, being able to set in place the most efficient processes to develop a project, and to join a school with high values, with a strong citizen involvement."

Head of cardiovascular therapeutic area, Global marketing and market access