Program Overview

The Internship Program for International Students gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to complete a 3- to 6-month internship at one of École Polytechnique's research facilities.

Located in the heart of the Université Paris-Saclay research cluster, the l'X laboratories offer the chance to work on cutting-edge research topics in a highly internationalized environment.

With 23 research facilities devoted to 8 major specialized or transverse fields, 600 researchers and a €95-million research budget, l'X is ranked 66th in the world for the scientific impact of its publications and for the number of articles co-authored with international institutions (Leiden ranking).

Please note that students coming from the following universities can benefit from Erasmus KA 107 credits:

  • Israël (HUJI, Technion)
  • Russia (MIPT, HSE, Peter The Great Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Novosibirsk State University)

Please contact the International Affairs Office for more details.

Registrations are currently closed

Internship Subjects - Year 2021

 Internship TitleInternship SupervisorCode
 Tomography and inverse scatteringR.G. NovikovCMAP01
 Partial differential equations for diffusion MRI modeling Jing-Rebecca LiCMAP02
 Collective dynamics of chemically-active dropletsSebastien MichelinLadHyX01
 Marangoni flows, instability and complex patterns at a free surfaceSebastien MichelinLadHyX02
 Transport and deformation of a flexible fiber around obstaclesCamille Duprat, Gabriel Amselem, Blaise DelmotteLadHyX03
 Membrane fluctuations and motion due to swimming microorganismsGabriel AmselemLadHyX04
 Mechanical properties of neutrophils in acute inflammationJulien Husson LadHyX05
 Barrier layers for tandem Silicon / CIGS solar cellsAlexandre CrossayIPVF01
 Coevaporated CIGS solar cells with Cd-free buffer layers for tandem Si/CIGSJackson LontchiIPVF02
 Probing the Quark-Gluon Plasma with jets using the CMS experiment at the CERN-LHCMatthew NguyenLLR01
 5D models of electromagnetic showersVincent BoudryLLR02
 Design of a Mueller matrix microscopeR. OssikovskiLPICM01
 Hot electron relaxation in 3D and 2D semiconductors: confinement and screening effects, a theoretical studyJelena SjaksteLSI01
 Modelling electronic density fluctuations with time-dependent density functional theoryNathalie VastLSI02
 Nondestructive femtosecond laser lithography of ferromagnetic thin filmsVasily Temnov, Yannis LaplaceLSI03
 Phase-field simulations of crystal growth and solidificationMathis PlappPMC01
 Modelling nanowire growth with the phase-field crystal methodThomas PhilippePMC02
 Wetting in multiphase systems using the phase boundary method.Hervé HenryPMC03
 Synthesis and magnetic studies of organolanthanide complexes with slow magnetic relaxationGrégory NoctonLCM01
 Cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling reactionsDr Corinne GosminiLCM02
 Earth abundant metal complexes featuring electron rich ylide ligand for optics and catalysisDr. Audrey AuffrantLCM03
 Total synthesis of photocaged natural products for light-driven activationDr Bastien NAYLSO01
 A novel approach for the synthesis of quinolizidine derivativesDr Yvan SixLSO02
 Naphthalene functionalization via C-H activationSébastien PrévostLSO03
 An Internet-of-Things Platform for Energy Efficient BuildingJiazi YiLIX01
 A Security Study on LoRa Wireless TechnologyJiazi YiLIX02
 Deep Learning for 3D Shape Recognition and ComparisonMaks OvsjanikovLIX03
 Simplifying identifiable functions for ODE modelsGleb PogudinLIX04
 Automatic Formal Verification for Polynomial Hybrid SystemsSergio MoverLIX06
 The ‘packetization’ of essential services through innovative delivery and payment systems in Indian and East African cities Akil AmiralyCRG01

A description of research activities at École Polytechnique is available here.

NB: You will be required to provide the codes of your chosen subjects (maximum 3) in the application form. Keep in mind that once you have submitted the form, your subject choices may no longer be modified. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us at the address below.

It is possible to apply for a specific subject not listed above, developed as part of a collaboration and with the agreement of the tutor and the Internship Program coordinators. In this case, please select the "Specific subject defined with the supervisor" option in the application form.


For further information, please contact