Program Overview

The Internship Program for International Students gives undergraduate and graduate students coming from international partner universities of l’Ecole Polytechnique the opportunity to complete a 3- to 6-month internship at one laboratory of its research center.

Each year in October, the International Affairs Office sends a call for applications to the laboratories of Ecole Polytechnique and, at the end of November at the latest, the internship subjects are listed below. To find out more on the selection process.

Located in the heart of the Saclay research cluster, the l'X laboratories offer the chance to work on cutting-edge research topics in a highly internationalized environment.

With 23 research facilities devoted to 8 major specialized or transverse fields, 600 researchers and a €95-million research budget, l'X is ranked 66th in the world for the scientific impact of its publications and for the number of articles co-authored with international institutions (Leiden ranking).

Internship Subjects - Year 2022

Internship subjects are updated at the end of November at the latest each year.

 Internship TitleInternship SupervisorCode

Atomistic simulations of flavin-binding blue light photoreceptors

Alexey Aleksandrov


 Cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling reactionsDr Corinne GosminiLCM01
 Transformation of Gaseous Pollutants by Low-Valent Lanthanide ComplexesThomas SimlerLCM02
 Total synthesis and molecular editing of fungal alkaloidsDr Bastien NAYLSO01
 Synthesis of natural product analogues for anti-cancer applicationsDr Yvan SixLSO02
 Titanium-mediated expedient synthesis of complex nitrogen heterocyclesDr Yvan SixLSO03
 Naphthalene functionalization via C-H activation: application in natural product synthesis

Sébastien Prévost

 Deep Learning for 3D shape analysisMaks Ovsjanikov


 Combinatorial algorithms for quadratizing differential equationsGleb Pogudin


 Runtime Analysis of Randomized Search HeuristicsBenjamin Doerr



Interest groups and corporate political activity in the European Union

Alessandro Riboni, Hugo Subtil


 Tomography and inverse scatteringR.G. NovikovCMAP01
 Interpolation between score-matching and maximum likelihood in supervised learning with Energy Based models.Marylou GabriéCMAP02
 Acoustic propulsion of microparticlesSebastien Michelin


 Marangoni flows, instability and complex patterns at a free surfaceSebastien Michelin


 Unsteady growth and collapse of microscopic gas bubbles Sebastien Michelin


 Collective dynamics of chemically-active dropletsSebastien Michelin


 Membrane fluctuations and motion due to swimming microorganismsGabriel Amselem


 Hydrodynamics of plant dispersal by rainArezki BOUDAOUDLadHyX01
 Plant morphogenesis in controlled, stable/fluctuating environmentArezki BOUDAOUDLadHyX02
 Vascular Biomechanics and BioengineeringProf. Abdul BarakatLadHyX03
 Development of atmospheric pressure plasma source for stem cells treatmentSvetlana Starikovskaia


 Luminosity measurement at LHCbVladislav BalaguraLLR01
 5D Minkovsky model of particle showersVincent BoudryLLR02
 Linear and nonlinear magneto-photonicsVasily TemnovLSI01
 Modelling electronic density fluctuations with time-dependent density functional theoryNathalie VastLSI02

Hot electron relaxation in 3D and 2D semiconductors: confinement and screening effects, a theoretical study

Jelena SjaksteLSI03
 Phase-field simulations of crystal growth and solidificationMathis PlappPMC01
 Photoluminescence Imaging: Analysis of Big Data by Coupling Physical Models and Neural NetworksStefania Cacovich – Jean-Christophe PesquetIPVF01
 Tandem solar cells silicon / pure sulfide CIGSAlexandre CrossayIPVF02
 Tandem solar cells silicon / wide gap CIGSJackson LontchiIPVF03
 Propagation of quantum information in correlated quantum systemsLaurent Sanchez-PalenciaCPHT01
 Quantum simulation of quasicrystals with ultracold atomsLaurent Sanchez-PalenciaCPHT02
 In-situ Raman spectroscopy of low-temperature plasma-liquid interfacesDavid PaiLPP01
 Coupled propagation of homogeneous ionization waves at a plasma-semiconductor interfaceDavid PaiLPP02
 Development of near-field Raman spectroscopy in liquid environment and applicationsR. Ossikovski and A. GüellLPICM01

It is possible to apply for a subject not listed above, developed as part of a collaboration and with the agreement of the tutor and the Internship Program coordinators. In this case, please select the "Specific subject defined with the supervisor" option in the application form.


For further information, please contact us.