Program Overview

The Internship Program for International Students gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to complete a 3- to 6-month internship at one of École Polytechnique's research facilities.

Located in the heart of the Université Paris-Saclay research cluster, the l'X laboratories offer the chance to work on cutting-edge research topics in a highly internationalized environment.

With 23 research facilities devoted to 8 major specialized or transverse fields, 600 researchers and a €95-million research budget, l'X is ranked 66th in the world for the scientific impact of its publications and for the number of articles co-authored with international institutions (Leiden ranking).

Internship Subjects - Year 2020

  Internship Title Internship Supervisor Code
  Tomography and inverse scattering R.G. Novikov CMAP01
  Distributed stochastic gradient descent algorithms in non i.i.d. settings Aymeric Dieuleveut CMAP02
  Partial differential equations for diffusion MRI modeling Jing-Rebecca Li CMAP03
  Growth of a viscous microbubble near a chemically-active surface Sebastien Michelin LadHyX01
  Marangoni flows, instability and complex patterns at a free surface Sebastien Michelin LadHyX02
  Self-propulsion of active micro-particles: Shape & instability Sebastien Michelin LadHyX03
  Probing the robustness of colloidal creatures Blaise Delmotte LadHyX04
  Seasonal prediction of the coupled atmosphere-ocean system over the Indian Ocean Riwal Plougonven et Albert Hertzog LDM01
  Particle acceleration in the relativistic interaction of laser, particles and plasmas Prof. Sebastien Corde LOA01
  Design of a Mueller matrix microscope R. Ossikovski LPICM01
  Phase-field simulations of crystal growth and solidification Mathis Plapp PMC01
  Hot electron relaxation in 3D and 2D semiconductors: confinement and screening effects, a theoretical study Jelena Sjakste LSI01
  Modelling boron carbides with density functional theory Nathalie Vast LSI02
  Toward an optimized ultra-granular Electromagnetic Calorimeter Vincent Boudry LLR01
  Catalysis with cooperative ligands Dr. Audrey Auffrant LCM01
  Original Cross-Coupling of Biosourced Chemicals Grégory Danoun  LCM02
  A novel approach for the synthesis of functionalised indolizidine derivatives Dr Yvan Six LSO01
  Synthesis of heterometallic complexes based on lanthanides for the development of novel photochemical reactions Grégory Nocton LCM03
  Intelligent High Performance Computer Networks Jiazi Yi LIX01
  A study of Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) for Internet of Things Jiazi Yi LIX02
  Deep Learning for 3D Shape Recognition and Comparison Maks Ovsjanikov LIX03
  Picosecond AISC design and characterization for CERN experiment D. Thienpont OMEGA01

A description of research activities at École Polytechnique is available here.

NB: You will be required to provide the codes of your chosen subjects (maximum 3) in the application form. Keep in mind that once you have submitted the form, your subject choices may no longer be modified. Should you encounter any problems, please contact us at the address below.

It is possible to apply for a specific subject not listed above, developed as part of a collaboration and with the agreement of the tutor and the Internship Program coordinators. In this case, please select the "Specific subject defined with the supervisor" option in the application form.


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