Tuition Fees

Length of the exchange period

UE Students

Non-UE Students

1 semester



1 full academic year



No tuition fees are charged to students admitted as part of a partnership between their home university and École Polytechnique.

Students applying for this Program must first be nominated by their home institution to join us as part of a mutual exchange agreement. This includes Erasmus+ exchanges.

No tuition fees are charged to students admitted to the Internship Program for International Students.

Financial support

Very few fellowships are available from École Polytechnique and they are allocated upon request to students with excellent academic backgrounds and/or limited financial means. Students on the Internship Program are given priority for fellowships. Mobility grants for Erasmus+ students are allocated by their national agencies.

Estimated costs of living on campus

€800 per month is the estimated amount required to cover all major living costs, including accommodation, food, health insurance, study materials and transport. This amount does not include personal expenses, which depend on the requirements of each individual student.


École Polytechnique arranges on-campus housing for exchange students, if and where possible.

Some rooms are available on the campus or nearby for students participating in the internship program or for students on academic exchange during the Fall semester or the Full academic year. Please note that students on academic exchange during the Spring semester are not guaranteed on-campus housing and may need to make other arrangements.

We will provide students with relevant information and advice on self-arranged accommodation.

On-campus services

The International Student Support and Services Office (BASIX) at École Polytechnique supports international students who are living in France, assisting them with required administrative formalities such as visas, health insurance and accommodation. Once admitted, each student will receive an email with all information to prepare for arrival on campus.

Health Insurance

All students staying in France for at least 6 months must be affiliated to the French Healthcare System.
Applicants who are EU citizens have to ask for a European Health Insurance Card to the Health Insurance Company of their 2 months before arriving in France.
All students attend a mandatory medical visit with the Doctor of Ecole Polytechnique once on Campus, some documents have to be filled in during the enrollment process.

Liability Insurance

People living in France must be affiliated to the liability insurance (coverage in case of accidents, third-party damage, ..). Students can have an insurance from their home country, or get one upon the arrival on Campus, with the Basix’s  guidance.


Depending on the country, students may need an entry visa or a study permit. Applicants who are not EU citizens require a visa to study in France.

Exchange students are responsible for their own visa applications and for joining us with the right visa. For more information, please contact your local French Consulate.