Where are they now?

This Program is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a "grade de licence", which is the official undergraduate degree in French higher education.

This accreditation makes our students eligible for Master and graduate level programs, both in France and abroad.

Meet our alumni

Mathematics & Computer Science double major

Kayo at Carnegie Mellon University

Kayo Yin

Kayo double-majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. Currently pursuing her Master’s in Language Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, she's also working as a research assistant in NeuLab.

Louis at University of Cambridge

Louis de Benoist

Louis de Benoist is a French former student of the Bachelor of Science (double major in mathematics and computer science), who grew up in the United States. He's currently a Master’s student at the University of Cambridge, studying Machine Learning.

Sunho at l'X and HEC Paris

Sunho BX21

Sunho double majored in Mathematics and Computer Science. He's currently in the X-HEC MSc Data Science for Business program.

Amine at Harvard University


Amine double majored in Mathematics & Computer Science. He is currently studying a MS in Computational Biology and Quantitative Genetics at Harvard University.

Mathematics & Physics double major

Bogdan at ETH Zurich


Bogdan Raonic double majored in Mathematics & Physics. He is currently studying a masters program in Applied Mathematics at ETH Zurich.

Luke at CentraleSupélec


Luke double majored in Mathematics and Physics. He is currently following the cycle ingénieur at CentraleSupélec, France.

Mathematics & Economics double major

Maria at HEC Paris

Maria Benkhadra

Maria Benkhadra double majored in Mathematics and Economics. She is currently pursuing the MiM-Grande École program at HEC Paris.

Louis-Maël at Oxford University


Louis-Maël double-majored in Mathematics and Economics. He's currently pursuing a MSc in Economics for Development at the University of Oxford.

Maria at l’ENS


Maria Cano double majored in Mathematics and Economics. She is currently a student at l’Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in the Economics department.

The alumni association of École Polytechnique

Every Bachelors' student will automatically join l'AX (Alumni association of l'X).

l'AX coordinates the community of l'X graduates and strengthens the bonds of solidarity between them. With nearly 30,000 alumni throughout the world, it has developed a network of nearly 140 approved alumni groups, including approximately 45 professional groups in France and 17 groups worldwide.

Today, more than 20% of former graduates live outside France, l'AX has then appointed ambassadors in several cities to be their points of contact, organise events and ensure the reception of newcomers to their country.