The Bachelor of Science is a three-year program designed for students with a strong interest in Mathematics and Science. This highly selective and multidisciplinary program is taught entirely in English.

The Bachelor of Science is an intense program leading to a double major that allows students to develop strong knowledge and skills in either discipline.

Our students benefit from an exceptional learning environment in which they have access to cutting-edge facilities located in École Polytechnique’s Research Centers.

    Three Years - 180 ECTS
    Three Double Majors
    In France
    In English
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    Fees for EU Students: €15,400 / year
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    Fees for non-EU Students: €18,800 / year

    Rates are subject to change.


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    Like all of Ecole Polytechnique's academic programs, the Bachelor is designed for top level students, with very high potential, capable of following a rich and demanding curriculum.

    Ecole Polytechnique is ranked as one of the World's best small universities. As such, the class sizes in the Bachelor Program are voluntarily small, allowing close interaction with professors and better cohesion between students in the program.

    During the selection process, we look for a demonstration of the skills and aptitude necessary to succeed in the program. For example, the ability to think and work both independently and as a team, together with the motivation to follow a demanding curriculum. We are looking for qualities such as team spirit, perseverance and dynamism. Successful applicants should also demonstrate their interest for the program and explain why they believe it is well suited for them.

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    Research-Oriented Learning

    Students benefit from an exceptional learning environment in which they have access to cutting-edge facilities located in Ecole Polytechnique’s Research Centers.

    Bachelor students get to not only learn concepts, but also experiment them spending time in Ecole Polytechnique cutting-edge Research Center, working in the labs on real problems currently tackled by our scientists. Whichever specialization students choose, they have to do a Bachelor Thesis, carried out in the form of a research project. Students thus get to spend time in the lab, where they are interacting with scientists and get a feel of the day-to-day routine of PhD students, post-docs, technicians and prominent researchers. Students are also offered regular scientific conferences and seminars on current research themes as well as laboratory visits.

    Three Years to a Double Major

    For three years, our students follow a demanding multidisciplinary scientific curriculum.

    The first year is dedicated to acquiring the intellectual tools and fundamental knowledge which will be essential for the rest of their higher education.  It is a year when they discover and experience several disciplines in order to better choose their specialization.

    As of the second and third years, students work towards one of three double majors:

    A multidisciplinary Program

    In the third year, students have the option to study abroad for the fall semester at one of our partner universities,  such as the University of Toronto, UC Berkeley, EPFL, KAIST, King’s College London, or The University of Melbourne. In the spring, students have an eight-week research internship, at the end of which they must submit their Bachelor Thesis.

    Mathematics at the Center of the Program: The Mathematics courses given in Ecole Polytechnique's Bachelor Program are designed to fit any subsequent specialization streams (Physics, Economics, Computer Science). A notable point is the attention given from the beginning of the course to applications across the spectrum of Mathematics (Numerical Simulation and Calculations, Randomness and Data, Arithmetic Related Cryptology etc.).


    International Exposure

    • 80% International Students
    • 40% of international faculty at l’X
    • 37 nationalities in the Bachelor

    The Bachelor students enjoy a truly international setting. Ecole Polytechnique offers a multicultural environment promoting diversity and nourishing intercultural dialogue. The study of at least one foreign language is a mandatory part of the curriculum. The possibility for Bachelor students to study abroad during one semester is also offered in their third year.

    Personal Development

    Ecole Polytechnique’s Bachelor of science is a multidisciplinary degree for internationally-oriented students who hold dear the values of excellence, audacity and integrity. They are dedicated and well-rounded individuals, who get involved both inside and outside of class. For three years, they are guided and supported by world-class professors and staff.

    During their time in the program, our students are guided and supported by several student services teams, including personal development coaches, that help them fit in, support them in any non-academic related matters and help create cohesion between the students. Learn more about student support in the program.

    Soft Skills

    On top of their education in fundamental sciences, our Bachelor students follow several courses providing them with the complementary soft skills to round out their background and knowledge.

    Through courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, they discover artistic and literary masterpieces, learn about French and European political systems and discuss ethical questions related to sciences. They also have classes in Foreign Languages and Cultures (Chinese, English, French as a foreign language, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish), Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

    In addition, students practice Sports least once a week and get to benefit from the campus’ great facilities including dorms, health care center, swimming pool, climbing wall, lake for rowing, and horseback riding.


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    And After Graduation?

    The primary purpose of the Bachelor program is to open the doors of various Master’s and graduate degree programs, at Ecole Polytechnique or other major institutions worldwide.

    In 2020, our students received offers from these universities: Berkeley, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Caltech, University of Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon University, CentraleSupélec, Columbia University, TUDelft, emlyon Business School, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, ENS PSL, Grenoble INP Ensimag, EPFL, ESADE,ESCP Business School, ETH Zürich, HEC Paris, HULT, Imperial College London, INSEAD, ISAE Supaero, King's College London, KTH, London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Paris School of Economics, PSL, Princeton University, Science Po, Sorbonne Université, Stanford, Stockholm School of Economics, TUM, UCL, University of Massachusetts, Université de Montréal, University of Pennsylvania, The University of Edinburgh, Université de Strasbourg, UVSQ, University of Toronto, Université Paris Dauphine.

    Students receive support and coaching to further pursue their studies in the domains of their dream, such as cryptography, Big Data, astrophysics, mechanics, robotics, finances, energy management, nanotechnologies, monetary policy, development economics, business strategy, materials chemistry, biotechnology…

    Degrees awarded

    This Program is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to award a "grade de licence", which is the official undergraduate degree in French higher education. This accreditation makes our students eligible for Master and graduate level programs, both in France and abroad.