The "MoX"

In 2021, the new student board took the official name of "the MoX" standing for "Master of l’X".


Team presentation

  • Emma Bernard is responsible for Events and Sports. She graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College London. She is a passionate horse rider and, since arriving on the Polytechnique campus, she is also a DJ at Vibes, the techno music student association on campus.
  • Capucine Destaing is responsible for Internal Relations. She graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Capucine is a member of Polytechnique’s feminine rugby team and also a passionate scuba diver.
  • Mathilde Deflesselles is the General secretary. She graduated from Sciences Po with a bachelor in Economics. In her time off, Mathilde is a swimmer and hiker.
  • Saif Sleiman is responsible for Integration. He graduated from a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Saif is a foody and loves hiking as well.
  • Sabina Horga is the Treasurer. She graduated with honours from King’s College London in PPE, Philosophy, Politics and Economy. Her full-time hobby at the moment is learning french.
  • Kevin Chahwan and Pénélope Rascol are responsible for external relations. Kevin graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the Technical University of Munich. He is a snowboarder and an expert in Lebanese food. Penelope graduated from a Bachelor of Science in International Politics, Government and Economy. She has a strong interest for feminism and adores discovering food from all around the world.
  • Maria Betancourt is responsible for Communications. She graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes. She is passionate about having a positive impact on communities and their relationship with the environment.


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the MOX activity had been slowed down, and this year’s board, with the support of the Kès 19 and Kès 20 (Cycle ingénieur student board) has set the path for the development of an exciting MSc&T student life.

The MOX has two missions, the first one is to develop an exciting, inclusive MSc&T student life on Campus with a strong identity and the second point is to facilitate the integration of MSc&T students within the school.

This is done through the organisation of MSc&T activities such as:

    • Master Chef Diner: In teams of 3, students cook a starter and a main dish in 2 hours! Based on 7 established criteria including sustainability, the chefs selected the winning team, who was awarded a special price!

student board

    • Holiday parties: Raclette, Galette des rois...
    • Cultural field trips (Chateau Chambord) and the creation of a Paris City guide for international students to get insight from Parisian fellows on the must dos

The second focus is on sport, the MOX is active on this topic through:
    • The development of a partnership with the Bureau des Sports from Ecole Polytechnique, to allow students to borrow exceptional sport equipment for their personal use

    • Day trips to see sport games: Rugby 6 nations...

The final fold is linked to career development, the MOX has:
    • Created a system of resources exchange amongst students to facilitate internship research process
    • Plans on setting up monthly zoom calls with MSc&T Alumni’s to strengthen the alumni network and gain insight on potential job opportunities following the program

The second mission is to facilitate the integration of the MSc&T students within the school. L’Ecole Polytechnique is a school full of traditions and activities, so the MoX took on the role to be the communication channel between the Kès activity and the MSc&T students.

As a result, a number of Cycle Ingenieur Student society have welcomed MSc&T students to share a commun passion and bond together, on topics ranging from the ecological transition, to feminism, electro music, rugby, the JSP board (Journées Ski Polytechniciennes) and more.

The MoX is looking forward building a strong MSc&T identity, while embracing the traditions of l’Ecole Polytechnique.