Bachelor speech contest

The contest allows second-year Bachelor students to learn rhetoric and strengthen their ability to express themselves in public. In these times of lockdown, the contestants had the rare privilege to perform in front of a very limited and COVID-proof audience and jury. It was broadcast live.

Throughout the 3 rounds, students had the opportunity to reflect on topics such as "Is life a box of chocolates?" or "Should we only count on the bare necessities?" or to battle on questions among which “Can you really judge a book by its cover?" or "Are university degrees really necessary to succeed in life?". This year's final theme was: "Is any truth worth telling?".

The 5 finalists’ high-quality speeches were truly thrilling, emotional, lighthearted, intense and breathtaking.

We congratulate the winners of this inspirational competition:

- 1st place: Weam ABOU HAMDAN

- 2nd place: Elie ATTIAS

- 3rd place: Maika EDBERG

Others: Amélie KOCH and Arshit SHANGARI.

We can't wait for next year's edition to come!