MSc&T Student Representatives (Reps) are here to represent the students’ voice at École Polytechnique. The primary role of a Student Rep is to effectively listen, collate and communicate the views of all the students they represent, taking these views to meetings and to staff to bring about positive changes for you! Plus, Student Reps also work to ensure that they close the feedback loop by communicating the outcomes of your feedback back to you. Therefore, their discussions are an important opportunity to raise students’ concerns, resolve issues and share ideas for enhancement of teaching and learning.

It is important all students feel they are being well represented and feel comfortable approaching a Student Rep with any issues.

An annual election takes place to pick M1 (first year of Masters) Students Reps for each MSc&T program. Generally, one Rep is elected per program, but sometimes, when the number of students is high (like in the Data Science for Business program), multiple Students Reps can be elected. The election week is very exciting; it takes place every year by the end of November. The MSc&T Student Council coordinates (and oversees) the election, but full authority is given to the senior Student Reps (meaning the representatives of M2 students) to organize the election for students of their programs.

During this week, multiple candidates take on the challenge, and run for the election. Some prepare Power Point presentations to make students know more about them, others feel more comfortable in public speaking, and some others go for different innovative ideas. But everyone shares the same goal: secure a maximum of votes. By the end of the election week, students vote through a website, and the Student Rep of each program is chosen. These elected Reps will go on to carry their mission as they promised, and help ensure a smooth communication between their colleagues, the administration, and the MSc&T’s Student Council.

In their following year (in M2), while still continuing their job as Reps, they will now help the new M1 students of their program better integrate in the school, and organize their election in November.

This year (2020/2021), the elected M1 Student Reps are:

  • STEEM: Saif Sleiman
  • AI: Victor Videau
  • EDACF: Kevin Chahwan
  • AI: Victor Videau
  • ECOSEM: Danya Ben Yosef Castro
  • ESCLiP: Dimitri Mansour 
  • DSB:
    • Cohesion and Relation with Companies : Louis Bertolotti &  Xuwen Liu
    • Administrative : Nicolas Maisonneuve-Bonteil & Zi Wang
  • IOT: Pinying Wang