Sacha Ullmann

Who are you ?
My name is Sacha, I am 26 years old and I am French.
I did 5 years of engineering studies in Switzerland, at EPFL, in the field of materials science. As my academic career progressed, I realized that I was actually more attracted to economics and finance. So I decided to pivot my career in order to continue my studies in this field to learn more about these subjects that interested me but that I did not master.

Why did you choose Polytechnique to continue your studies?
Since I was returning from 5 years of study abroad, I preferred to apply for Masters mainly in France with the aim of complementing my rather engineer state of mind with a more financial vision.
Beyond the brand, I decided to choose Ecole Polytechnique for its network and the content of the courses. Also, I felt closer to the program of an engineering school.

What did you appreciate the most during your studies?
Many elements are very appreciable within the MSc&T in Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance :
- The classes are human-sized, which allows us to more naturally develop a team spirit - which allows us to forge a strong network
- The theoretical courses help us build a fairly rational way of approaching problems and leave us with a very useful structure of thought for our everyday life
- The less theoretical courses given by professionals are very concrete and all the more useful in professional life

Moreover, I use many notions seen in class on a daily basis: Financial Market - Private Equity - Venture Capital/Startup Financing...

Concretely, what does your job consist of?
My job is to evaluate and invest in companies specialized in the development of software for businesses (“B2B Software”).
For this, I must understand:
- The positioning and technological and strategic differentiation of the company in its market
- The key metrics acting as a driver for its future business and financial performance
- The point of view of actors directly linked to the company (customers, management, ex-employees, resellers, etc.)

What do you like most about your job?
I have always been drawn to financial analysis. So I'm completely in my element.
In reality, what I like the most is to exchange with experts from all fields to understand and learn every day. For instance, when analyzing a company in the field of cybersecurity: at the beginning of the analysis, I know nothing about it. After 40 hours of calls, I understand much better the market segments and sub-segments, the positioning of the company in its competitive environment as well as its ability to be able to execute the objectives on its roadmap. It's very exciting!

What are your professional ambitions?
In the long term, I seek above all to master all the tools and ways of thinking to become a good investor in a large number of asset classes.

Do you have a memory or an anecdote to share with us?
My second year of studies at Ecole Polytechnique was unfortunately impacted by COVID-19. Despite the concerns we may have had as students, the courses remained of high quality!

What advice would you give future students?
For those interested in financial analysis, do not hesitate to apply to Software Club, because we are recruiting:

Otherwise, make the most of your studies and take advantage of being in small classes to exchange and build your network. And above all, choose the right courses that you are going to take carefully: do not neglect the theoretical courses too much, even if they may appear less rooted in reality.