Mary Hebbo

Could you introduce yourself

My name is Mary HEBBO I come from Lebanon and it’s been 3 years I’m in Paris. After graduating with a BS in Economics from Notre Dame University in Lebanon, I decided to pursue a Master degree in Economics Data Analytics and Corporate Finance at Ecole Polytechnique Paris. I am now working as a consultant in digital transformation at IRLY

Could you please tell us more about your current position?

At IRLY we focus on digital transformation of corporate functions. We help supporting functions for global organization and leading banks to transfer their value chain and pivot their business model. I am currently a Junior Consultant working for a leading bank in France and Europe with an amazing team in order to realize an end to end transformation for their procurement system.

Was it easy for you to find a job once graduated?

Thanks to covid-19 nothing was easy, and things became more challenging for fresh graduates. But due to Ecole Polytechnique’s name and the skills acquired I was able to land a job after almost 5 months.

Do you think your diploma and the name of Ecole Polytechnque are assets to find a job?

A big YES!

What skills gained during your MSc&T have you been using in your current position?

In addition to the analytical and research skills that I acquired throughout the different courses at Polytechnique, I believe that the most important skill I gained due to the international environment at Polytechnique was the communication skill which I use daily in my current position while working with international clients.

What do you like in your work?

The constant challenge, the environment of work, the possibility of having direct contact with the clients, the fact that I am solving problems and finally my amazing team.

What memories do you have of your time spent at l’X and in your MSc&T?

During my 2 years at l’X lot of memories were made that can’t be expressed by words. I can say that thanks to this experience I now have a family abroad that I will forever create memories with.

What are your ambitious for the future?

Create a better and a more innovative future.

More information about the Master in Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance Master here.