Aneta Zdeb

Who are you?
My name is Aneta Zdeb, I am from Poland and I graduted from the first promotion of the Master of Science and Technology IoT : Innovation and Management from Ecole Polytechnique.
I am currently working as a Software Engineer at Datadog - the essential monitoring and security platform for cloud applications.

Why did you choose to enter Ecole Polytechnique to pursue your studies?
I chose to enter Ecole Polytechnique because of my interest in the program and the reputation of the school.
When I was looking for a Masters Degree I attended a school fair and Ecole Polytechnique was there. I took a leaflet of the MSc&T Programs and found out about the IoT program - which seemed very compelling.
As I inquired further about Ecole Polytechnique among my network, I had no doubt about the choice.

What is your job about?
I am a software engineer at Datadog - a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. It brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make applications, infrastructures and third-party services entirely observable to help businesses secure their systems, avoid downtime, and ensure customers are getting the best user experience.
I am working on the metrics product team and my job is about collecting, processing and storing client's data. My main expertise is in big data technologies

What do you like the most about your job?
My job is quite challenging and requires constent learning. I love solving hard problems as well as working in a multinational and vibrant community!

What skills did you acquire during your MSc&T and are using right now?
I learned about database management systems, machine learning, big data tools, computer networks and more. One class was particularly very helpful in my current job: network protocal success.

I often need to make design desions, write technical proposals or review them – this class was a great exercise in critical thinking and seeing the potential of a technology.

Besides technical skills, Ecole Polytechnique taught me about start-ups ecosystems and business evaluation - which is very useful in my domain.

What are you memories at l’X?
I had a great experience at Ecole Polytechnique. I liked team projects and working with people from diverse backgrounds.
I have particularly great memories from an integration trip in Annecy!

If you had to describe the program in 3 words – which words would you choose?

  1. Flexible – I was able to pick the classes I was interested in and wanted to follow  
  2. Multicultural – I met school scolleagues from all around the world
  3. Creative – the program is not about memorizing notions but thinking and understanding them in order to get lifetime skills

What are your ambitions for the future ?
Keep on learning and exploring the landscape of the tech industry where I am currently specializing. I strive to be an impactful contributor to the enablement of digital transformation - which can help companies to thrive and then have a positive impact on our society.

What advice would you give to future students?
Take advantage of the access to technical courses, student groups, conference talks, competitions – go and explore, talk to people and get inspired!
If you already know the field in which you want to pursue your carrer, try to specialize as much as you can by choosing relevant courses.