Date: Thursday January 12th - 12:30PM (CET)

Get to know our MSc&T in Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Manangement!

The Environmental Engineering and Sustainability Management (ex-Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management) Master's is a two-year program, entirely taught in English and designed for top-performing students. The course aims to train future engineers and project managers to tackle a wide variety of environmental challenges.

The Program provides students with real-world technical expertise on environmental issues, including soil and water pollution diagnosis, and treatment and valorization processes, as well as in-depth understanding of the economic and social challenges surrounding their development. In addition to the technical courses (very engineering oriented), students also study courses about international regulations, ethical issues, management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

During this webinar, Stéphane Bouchonnet, the Program Director, will present the program, the outlets and the prerequisites needed to apply.