Damien Bradelle

Could you please introduce yourself?

I’m Damien Bradelle, I’m 21 and I’m French. I graduated from the Bachelor of Science last summer, I was in the maths-physics double major with a biology minor. Even if the year has been complicated, I decided to take the “Concours” to join the engineer program at Ecole

Polytechnique. I succeeded and I joined it at the end of August.

Could you please tell us more about what you’re currently studying?

The Engineer Program at Ecole Polytechnique is well known, at least in France. It’s a cross-disciplinary program with sciences and, of course, a military training as the school is part of the French Army. At the beginning of the program, during a month approximately, I was in “Initial military training”. With my promotion we went to “La Courtine”, a training center for the French Army, where we learnt military rudiments. After this training, I began my internship in a high-school where I deal with diversity issues.

What made you choose this program?

As a Bachelor student, I was perfectly aware of what is the Engineer program and how great is education at Ecole Polytechnique. In addition, with the very well-known academic excellence, this was an obvious choice. The final argument was my wish to serve as a soldier, option that I keep until the end of my studies at l’X.

What skills/knowledge gained during the Bachelor of Science have you been using in your current program?

As the academic side of my studies has not started yet, I cannot say anything about the “academic skills”. However, the Bachelor is a unique experience and I gained other various skills. First of all, working and living in the Bachelor community taught me how to behave and communicate in very different context and I think that it’s a valuable inter-personal skill. Moreover, as I am currently working in a high-school, I can feel how the diversity of Bachelor students and professors taught me how to adapt to any situation.

When you entered the Bachelor of Science, did you already know what you wanted to do after the program?

I perfectly remember what I thought I wanted to do after the Bachelor when I was in first year. Initially, I wanted to join the maths-economics double major to apply to SciencesPo Paris after the Bachelor

in order to work as a civil servant in the French Administration. At the last moment, I decided to go in maths and physics because of my interest for the topics. Then, I decided to take the Concours but as I was not sure to success I also applied to SciencesPo as I planned at first and I got admitted as well!

What memories do you have of your time in the Bachelor program?

I can talk about all the amazing things I discovered, all the extra-academic opportunities I had, but I think that the most important is my friends. I knew no one, I was the only student from my high school admitted to the Bachelor, of course I was a bit stressed about being alone. But, right away, I met incredible people. The very first day, I met Clara by coincidence (she was left on campus ahahah) and today she is one of my best friends. This is one anecdote among thousands, one person among dozens of amazing people, so many days and nights of work, so many lectures next to each other’s, a lockdown... and of course… out of the school… so many parties, holidays together.

I have to say that I think I couldn’t do it (the Bachelor, the concours, etc.) without all of these persons who became my friends for my whole life.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I have just begun a four-year diploma, so let me take one year to think about all of this. However, I can tell you that I have some ideas. Actually, I am considering the idea of studying medicine after the Ingénieur Polytechnicien program.

Any advice to current Bachelor students when deciding about the pursuit of their studies?

Believe in you, do not neglect any opportunity and the most important: have fun in your daily life, in your job, enjoy your studies! The Bachelor will give or gave you the keys for all of this!